Friday, July 22, 2016

2 Months to Mayhem

When I think of September 23rd, 2016.. a wave of emotions sweep over me. Excitement, anxiety, fear of unknowns, and love all overwhelm me simultaneously.

And it's no wonder why- that day will mark my future for the rest of time. I leave behind my single life, my single goals, and enter a long lasting, permanent relationship with my one true love.

Planning this day has been stressful, frustrating, enjoyable, rewarding, and surreal. And yes, something can be both enjoyable and stressful. Remember when I ranted about big weddings and my opposition to pompous celebrations? I stand by that. Thanks to keeping my event simple and classic, with the help of a ton of friends, my stress levels have virtually disappeared. Every week I accomplish two or three things, and prepare for the week ahead.

If it wasn't for my amazing supportive friends, I'm not sure how I would have handled this entire journey on my own. Of course, I have the unending support of my fiance, but with his address being in another continent, the bulk of the legwork has to be done in the place where I live. Nonetheless, I've seen how through the months little details have begun to come together.

My invitations go out this week and the next, a labor of love.. And soon I will start finalizing accommodations for our friends and family travelling from afar to attend our wedding.

And once mid September rolls around, it will be a blur of craziness I look forward to with pleasure.

The K1 Journey- Part II

I have to admit.. I haven't been as regular in tracking this journey on my blog as I had originally intended. The responsibilities of life, however, a planning a wedding with a groom 6,000 miles away can be incredibly time consuming. Who would've thought?

In any case, I am happy to report that my fiance will have his interview at the consulate August 1st, 2016. I'm confident things will go smoothly.. after all we've checked our t's and dotted our i's. After the first mountain of paperwork I sent, the second batch was a lot less complicated to gather. It included a written statement from a bank officer detailing how much I have in my bank accounts, as well as other financial evidence of support.. Because I'm a contractor, that meant for me sending copies of my tax return, checks and bank statements, and of course- more love letters and proof of relationship.

I enjoyed that phase... writing cute little notes and attaching photos of what I've been up to in my nook of the world made me feel like my relationship transported to the early 1900s. Surely, a long distance relationship would have been a lot more complicated back then. Before the instant world of messaging, skype, FaceTime, snapchat.. etc, merely sending a few words through mail must have been a feat. Alas, receiving a letter today is just as exciting as it was back then, now that it's more of a rarity.

So we're less than two weeks away from the day that decides it all. And I have to say, if you follow the steps carefully (and I strongly recommend Visa Journey website as well, link in previous K1 Journey post) it's not complicated. Careful reading, double checking all the information is filled out and providing ample evidence are key.

After my fiance's interview, I'll write my final blog post on this K1 Journey.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Journey of Growth

Everyone (who has a shred of a functioning brain) alive today can concur on one thing: Nobody's perfect. But.. yet.. when we are placed face to face with one of our own ugly imperfections, it's like we're instantly blind!

Why is it so hard to hear our own faults hashed out but yet simultaneously so easy to pick apart everyone else's around us? I mean, we get legitimately heated when we're wronged-we're even capable of rationalizing the why and how of people's actions,what childhood they must have had, and all of a sudden we're Sigmund Freud over here.

It's like sitting on a couch, watching a show about home improvement while your own house is being consumed with termites.

Wouldn't it be easier if we used that amazing capability to analyze ourselves? If only we could do that, without getting distracted by everyone else's shortcomings. It's like I walk around thinking I'm a twinkie and everyone loves me. (The Twinkie of old, the original Hostess twinkie, not the shrunken, less calorie, sad cake of now.) Deep in my psyche, I know I'm imperfect and have flaws but, man! I'm so glad I'm not as headstrong as so and so over there. No wait, that's not where I was going with this.

The point is, personal growth is seriously deterred when we keep turning the mirror around and using it to blind people with sun-rays of truth. Instead, when we find ourselves pulling out a magnifying glass and tweezers, we need to STOP, offer the same allowances (namely, the same convenient blindness) for other's shortcomings,

and remember: we're no deep fried Twinkie.

Your liver and friends will thank you in the years to come.