Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Cost of Values

Hello everyone! I know I haven't been the most constant of bloggers lately, but life has been getting in the way of me even being able to type a full sentence without interruptions. Here goes an idea thats been lingering my walnut today, and I feel strongly about. 

In class today, teacher asked us all, individually, if we felt sticking to our standards was hard sometimes. Surprisingly, most of them said no. Of course I said yes. How can it not be? 

Going further, I truly believe with every grain in my body, that if something is easy, its not right. And if it's right, its not easy. I'm not talking about taking an exam or finding the right relationship. I'm talking about decisions. The path of least resistance is the one easiest to trot, but not necessarily the best, in the long run.

For example- and this is usually when our standards/values are tested, what happens when you falter? When you mess up? When you really let people down, or hurt someone, or just do something you weren't supposed to do? True grit, true character, would propel you to face the music, no matter how loud and painful, to stand up and take it in stride, to accept the consequences. Yet at that critical moment, many a fool is eager to run away and fall into a hole until the chaos has passed, or pin the blame on someone else. 

Where am I going with this? That there's a reason why they're called standards- they measure our actions, applaud or criticize them, and mold our actions and thoughts. If you don't have them, or have twisted, bendable values, then of course its easy. You simply go with whatever your heart tells you and act upon whims. But is that the best way to be? It takes courage to go against the current and take the right path- make the right choice, even when it may not be immediately beneficial to you.

But that.. is being a real man. A real woman. An honest, trustworthy- credible individual, and not just another sham walking the surface of the earth.