Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Time for New Beginnings..

Everything comes to an end. That's something life teaches us. From the best vacations, to the worst relationships, however interminable things may seem, they always end.

And ends aren't always bad. Sometimes the end is jagged and sudden, jarring like a collision of two powerful forces. And sure, the connotation is usually linked with weepy goodbyes, hard feelings, bad blood, tension or just general sadness. But it doesn't always have to be that way, because..

Sometimes the end is subtle, parting away slowly and imperceptibly, like a younger age being replaced by a new one. And beyond that, there are also the pivotal moments in which we determine the "end".

After all, there is no new beginning if something else doesn't yield its place. Fresh starts, new chapters- they never coexist with the past.

This week is one of these "ends" for me. My last week sitting at this desk, staring at this screen, plugging away hour after hour with intermittent coffee breaks. During this week, I've had moments of reflection as I walk along the halls, remembering my first few days and how unnerving everything seemed. In time, I carved my own path and constantly made it a goal to challenge myself. Now, nearly three years later, a new challenge awaits me, the biggest one yet, and it is outside these walls I've learned so well.

Moments like these always brandish mixed emotions. Excitement over plans ahead overlaps with apprehension of the unknown. But the reality of life is, sometimes the greatest growth lies just beyond our grasp. And that's exactly when we have to close a chapter, and reach towards a new beginning.

Because that is the thrill of being alive.