Monday, March 31, 2014

Nina vs Aging

Well, I wish I had a more cheerful topic to ramble about as my first belated post of the year; but given as the weather has been anything but normal and the level of craziness has skyrocketed in my universe lately, you get what you get, and you probably will get upset.

I've been contemplating a lot lately; (I always do when the world around me ceases to be a place of amazement and wonder) drawing inwardly to reflect on life again and the crazy paths it takes us on, willing or not. I wonder to myself: What if aging is just a disposition of the mind? It seems the older we get, the more negative our outlook becomes, and the grimmer reality becomes. If we boil down aging to its nitty gritty: I truly believe we'd find pessimism and dissatisfaction in its basic form.

When we are children, most of us share a delusion of the world being bright and inviting; our "oyster" per se. As we grow older and run into concrete wall obstacles that are belittling and unrelenting; our stamina and courage dwindle. We begin to double think rash changes, speaking up, alternating course, plunging into unknowns. Because the fear of the unknown is crippling when the past has taught you disappointment can be waiting for you on the other side.

So we slow our roll, we hunch our backs, oppressed and capitulated, riding the waves of cynicism and skepticism, ruefully observing younger generations and scornfully amused by the future that lies in wait. Optimism is the staff and companion of those unblemished by life. And with time and trials that attack and consume this companion, soon all that's left is a glum recollection of days without a dark cloud.

Despite the chances that disillusions and let downs are part of life; we can't let negativity reign us in. After all, balance is needed in life. Should you toss the rose colored glasses? Yes. They only amount to greater disappointments. But on that note, toss out the smoke colored sunglasses, too.

After all- life may not be a merry boat ride of a dream; but it doesn't have to be a depressing opera, either.