Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Business Chronicles.. Phase 1

Given the set up for this next post by spilling my guts out in the past one, I'd like to continue the train of thought by explaining what my following steps will be. In the past, (the last 8 months) I wanted to sell shirts and merchandise related to my doodles, and maybe in the future, I will. But now my career is taking a more serious turn in life.

That's right- starting a business. I think I knew from a young age I was bound to be an entrepreneur at some point. My brother and I have always kicked back ideas of the best start-up business we could think of. My dad, whom ran his own successful window installation business for quite some time before moving to this country, always has it in him to see the business in every project.

For me it began simple. In first grade, I was drawing watches on notebook paper with catchy designs and colorful straps. I would then cut out these paper watches, and sold them for a penny a pop. Not much profit, to say the least, but for a 7 year old in my time, twenty cents was enough to buy two eraser caps or one shiny new pencil. My paper drawing business fulfilled my elementary needs.

Later at age 10 I sold stickers. That business was a little more smooth, and at the end of the week I was looking at profit anywhere from $10-$20, millionaire money in my eyes. When I turned 12 I ran two businesses simultaneously- selling silver jewelry from Italy and writing and selling a school paper. This last project touched some deep fibers within me. It was at that point I decided I wanted to pursue my writing dream. When I sold the all color newspaper which featured crosswords, stories, news and interviews it actually sold for $1.50. I was thrilled- that is, until the teachers caught on and decided to rain hard on my parade. (boo, elementary teachers, boo) Instead of praising creative thinking and harmless ideas, they squash the hopes of aspiring young ones. And that's a rant on its own. But anyway, this spiel has a point: I discovered Marketing/Writing was my calling.

However, as great as that revelation is, on its own its not enough to cash in on. So what's next on the agenda for Miss Ninfamous? To start the business- to grab those clients- to get those projects. My dad did it in his time and my brother now has a thriving reputation as an excellent wedding dj in all of New England. So now it's my turn. This will obviously be a step by rigorous step procedure, but one I am quite happy to finally be doing. And all those steps will be recorded here, on my blog, the birthplace of my ideas and expectations. Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Or have you started yours? I have to admit, it's a daunting task when looked over in its entirety. And most people, afraid to fail, don't like to share details until they are sure it's happened. But that's not my way of doing it. You guys are invited to watch my journey- and if I fail, maybe you will learn from me, and if I win, then I will definitely teach you the tricks of the trade. So it's a win win situation. Stay tuned to find out how my endeavors go..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On Choosing A Career..

It was three months ago as I sat preparing marketing content, researching the oil industry and finding innovative new ways to convince people natural gas is better, that I came along a quantum revelation. Of the personal kind. And in my life, which has proven to be anti-climactic since day one, quantum revelations don't come along as often as they should. But I finally realized what it takes other people years to find out: What I wanted to do as a career. Yes, I've always had a knack for writing, and I'm very people-oriented.

It's the reason why (all modesty aside) the Design Print Ship center I worked at for Office Depot was number one in the district for customer service time and again. I helped customers who were stumped create attractive, yet simple business cards. I learn a thing or two about Photoshop. I even learned how to put up with prissy people that only wanted someone to argue with. And with those life lessons in my pocket, I feel inclined to say, I still like working with/for people. I guess its that satisfaction that comes from doing something they never thought was possible, or enlightening them in a refreshing way- and all of a sudden they look up to you like their business savior. Its not a bad feeling- to say the least. And after getting repeat customers that asked for me by name, I realized I hit my groove. But that was over two years ago. As awesome as helping people to print 5000 copies of a lawsuit is, I felt I had bigger fish to fry. And so came the revelation that I finally had found an outlet to creative thinking, writing, and social problem solving.


Marketing? You may say. Aren't there like 50,000 business for marketing in New England alone? Yes, most likely. But there's something about my business that     separates    me from the crowd.

That I still have the same eager attitude to help as I did when I was that 17 year old cashier working in the DPS section of Office Depot. With a little more expertise and experience, and a continuous desire for creativity and innovation. I also specialize in editing, proofing, and content development.

So my piece of advice to everyone else is: If you really want to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, find that one thing that makes you feel happy and satisfied, like your potential is being reached and like you're actually contributing to something special in a small way. Whether that's being a make-up artist, or a wedding DJ, or a Florist, do what completes you, because that's what makes you shine in your own light.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have you heard.. of the UN's scandal?

As if people didn't believe the UN was capable of keeping peace, and if as if relations weren't already tender between the UN and Haiti, a floating video on the internet is now creating another ripple of scandals and humiliation for the so-called peacekeepers. Haiti already had reason to be upset at the UN, taken that thanks to their blue helmets, a deadly cholera outbreak killed nearly 6,000 and infected 300,000 earlier this year. You can read about it here.

So a viral video of several UN officers attempting to rape a young Haitian man as a "joke" was enough to make the water boil again. Apparently, the young man was taken into the barracks, pinned down on a mattress and embarrassed publicly as they made him a laughingstock before several officers while it was also being recorded into a cellphone.

The video was then taken from a cellphone of an officer by two Haitian kids who then sold it to the News Press. It is unclear whether the 19 year old man was raped or not, but it is enough to feel disgust in a nature of a joke in such bad taste. UN officials are doing their best to play down the embarrassment, calling it a simple joke that got out of hand. As the least of their offenses, the officials will be charged for entering a civilian into their barracks, but the punishment can only worsen from there. Haitian President Michael Martelly has affirmed the acts will not go unpunished. More Info Here

This leads me to an intriguing question- What purpose does the UN serve, exactly? What major development towards peace can be attributed to them? During the atrocious and horrifying genocide in Rwanda, they watched helplessly as millions of hutus and tutsis literally massacred each other leaving behind heaps of dismembered dead bodies. They were responsible for the death of thousands for carelessly spreading around a deadly virus. And today they are morally responsible for being reproachable in moral, ethical conduct. My point stands valid: No human organization is capable of even gaining trust among the people, much less providing "peace."