Friday, April 22, 2011

Mood: Revolted

Dear Diary,

What is wrong with the world today? You're right, it wouldn't be half bad if there were no longer any people. Take that back, I'd like to request Anderson Cooper, the Flight of the Concords, and Jim Gaffigan. Everyone else can be swallowed by a gaping earthquake. 

No really. Everyone seems to be souped up in insanity like its going out of style. Rihanna got whacked in the face and apparently this loosened some screws in her head, because she went from "I've got a cute Caribbean accent.." to "Domestic Violence is the shizzle, I love it!" I mean, how is this even psychologically stable? Why is she wailing to the backdrop in every store? If you shut off the synth-pop funky beats, you'll realize its just garbage- radioactive garbage that will cause your limbs to fall from your conjunctive sockets.

If puking offensive material that is sure to cause controversy and insult as many ethnicities, religions, and races is the way to fame, let's give it up to the walking toilet with lots of bad make up, Lady Gag-a. I mean, if Charlie Sheen and Gaga made a love child together, it would not only be Mega Miger (Monster-Tiger),-I think its catchier than the alternative: Tonster- but possibly one of the best career investments for the both of them. The result would perhaps be the most disgusting little twerp that walked the earth.

Forget talent or skill. Its all about who can shock the public in the most revolting,backwards, disgusting way. And as long as the brain devoid audience stays mesmerized, I'll keep grilling my liver in lovely revolt. Judging by the media is brewing- I should be liver less in 2.5 months.