Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Journey of Growth

Everyone (who has a shred of a functioning brain) alive today can concur on one thing: Nobody's perfect. But.. yet.. when we are placed face to face with one of our own ugly imperfections, it's like we're instantly blind!

Why is it so hard to hear our own faults hashed out but yet simultaneously so easy to pick apart everyone else's around us? I mean, we get legitimately heated when we're wronged-we're even capable of rationalizing the why and how of people's actions,what childhood they must have had, and all of a sudden we're Sigmund Freud over here.

It's like sitting on a couch, watching a show about home improvement while your own house is being consumed with termites.

Wouldn't it be easier if we used that amazing capability to analyze ourselves? If only we could do that, without getting distracted by everyone else's shortcomings. It's like I walk around thinking I'm a twinkie and everyone loves me. (The Twinkie of old, the original Hostess twinkie, not the shrunken, less calorie, sad cake of now.) Deep in my psyche, I know I'm imperfect and have flaws but, man! I'm so glad I'm not as headstrong as so and so over there. No wait, that's not where I was going with this.

The point is, personal growth is seriously deterred when we keep turning the mirror around and using it to blind people with sun-rays of truth. Instead, when we find ourselves pulling out a magnifying glass and tweezers, we need to STOP, offer the same allowances (namely, the same convenient blindness) for other's shortcomings,

and remember: we're no deep fried Twinkie.

Your liver and friends will thank you in the years to come.