Friday, January 28, 2011

Lady, Smack that Kid!

Nothing makes me angry faster than a squirming wriggling yelling brat on the floor. 

What the heck is wrong with parents today? What happened to the good old days, when parents just gave their kids laser beam looks that meant business? Or when they said, wait til we get home, and actually meant it? Nowadays little tots of two and three are sucker punching their parents and smacking right on the face with no consequence! 

When I was young.. (oh no, I've hit that dreaded age..) and I disrespected someone, whether directly or indirectly, my mom would give me a cold stare that was already punishment enough. And when we got home, my buttcheeks would be tasting the cold leather that came from my dad's belt. Did it hurt? Heck yes it stung. But five minutes later I was okay again, and I never disrespected someone on purpose again. 

Or how bout "I want it! I want it! I want it!!!" in the store and then whining and making a scene because you don't get what you want? I did that a grand total of once, in my entire life. Afterwards I was spanked with the holy belt of discipline and never again. 

The result? I'd like to think of myself as a productive, respectful, likeable individual. Learned from the crib, with me until the grave. My parents did an excellent job, and if I could turn back time, I would have suggested perhaps a couple more spankings here and there. Today I have great friends, and a lot less behavioral and sociological problems.

Today, little evil monsters not even three years of age control their parents completely, getting everything they want and demanding things their way. "They're only kids.." one might say. But they won't be kids forever! And when they blossom into teenagers you'll be pulling a trigger to your head. That's right. Here comes a gold nugget of wisdom. Wait for it....

You can't plant pea seeds and expect to reap roses

It just don't work that way, sonny. Kids need discipline. They actually want it, crazy at it may sound. Why do you think they continue acting out?  Humans need limits, need boundaries, need realistic laws to abide by. Its what makes us productive, efficient, responsible. What separates us from beasts and savages. Discipline is a demonstration of love- one the little bugger will appreciate when he grows up! Because trust me on this.. whether young or old, someone in their lifetime will assume that position if you don't. Except it won't be with love, and it will be a lot more painful. 

Try it, and ten years from now, you can thank me with a $5,000 check for each productive individual. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ninfamous vs Myers-Briggs

It's not that I have a chip on my shoulder. No, I'm more of a cookie kind of girl. I understand that personality tests allow Fortune 500 companies to analyze where to place their new recruit- if they care enough. 

So why did it fall upon the hands of civilians? Ignorant, gullible, backward civilians? I've taken several versions of the test several times, and each time, the response has been different. I seem to be a very multifaceted person. Or I have split personalities. Regardless, people- this is going too far. 

It's like the new psychosis. Everyone must know what your personality type is- whether you are intuitive or logical- and that will decipher how they think of you in their scale system of value. First of all, for anyone who thinks a man-made test can pinpoint the exact coordinates of a person's personality, your ignorance is enough consolation for me. 

Psychologically speaking, a person has so many facets, so many layers, they're never truly just one thing, or another thing. For example, I can be extroverted in social groups, but I can be introverted with a different batch of people. I'm never just one way- and neither is anyone else. 

A person's core personality can't change you say? That's a load of barnacles. Before, my core personality was to trust everyone without doubt or question. It was my nature. Now my nature is to poke everyone with fifteen foot branch in the ribs to see if they'll bite. 

I know what you're thinking. "Well, maybe that wasn't your core personality." And you know what I'm thinking? This blog ain't big enough for the two of us. So go rant about it yourself. 

I think I know myself pretty well. After, myself and I, we've been buds for near 2 decades now. Myself is a sweet, funny person- witty and kinda silly sometimes. And no darn words is gonna tell me who I is. 

But really- anyone who takes their result as law and values anyone they meet or have known for several years as letters or colors, (ispj, enfj, infp.. blue, yellow, white or red) is an idiot. And not worthy of even my friendship, so I don't bother, and neither do you.

The human personality is constantly growing, constantly outdoing itself, constantly morphing. It's more than a psychological test designed years ago has the capacity to reign. Is the test itself garbage? No, I discovered some things about myself, and others, and explained some tendencies I have. But it never hit it right on the head. It wasn't me, 100%. 

Anyhow, I believe its much more interesting to follow life and find out for yourself just how your personality works. Or doesn't.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The School Board Strikes Again!

Life isn't easy without ejucation. And ejucation don't come by cheap with the School Board of Failures.

This semester my hopes of taking more independant full credit classes were whacked right upside the head like an arcade mole.

"IDP Science you say?" Repeated the older gentleman in charge of assigning classes. "Yes, we don't have that class anymore. School board limited our budget."

I almost felt like stomping out of there. But alas, life is even more grief laden for the non-diploma'd person. So I sucked in my disappointment and uttered a "wonderful!"

Why is this upsetting? Because instead of graduating faster and doubling up on credits- my hard work and straight A's are rewarded by limiting my choice in classes to take. This semester I took even more classes than the last, a total nine in four days, and will have the same amount of credits as last year.

Was it that necessary to cut down on the budget for more classes? Granted, more teachers means more money to dish out. But we're talking four months and a couple weeks employment, and once a week, two classes at most for these teachers. Its night school, not college! How about cutting down the budget on the board's vacations and payrolls, or chopping the budget on a whole bunch of other useless things. So much for Pell Grants when we can't even receive a well-rounded education- or be even slightly enthused in the choices we can make. If and when we make it to college, we'll be so unprepared and behind the times that frustration may lead many to quit. This semester I got to choose between Computer Applications 1 or Computer Applications 2.

I think I know the difference between my mouse and my keyboard. How bout deleting useless classes and giving these kids, and not-so-kids, along with older parents who are coming back from all walks of life an opportunity to truly learn?

Epic fail, school board. And then we wonder why people think of America as the Ignoramoose Land.