Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ninfamous vs Myers-Briggs

It's not that I have a chip on my shoulder. No, I'm more of a cookie kind of girl. I understand that personality tests allow Fortune 500 companies to analyze where to place their new recruit- if they care enough. 

So why did it fall upon the hands of civilians? Ignorant, gullible, backward civilians? I've taken several versions of the test several times, and each time, the response has been different. I seem to be a very multifaceted person. Or I have split personalities. Regardless, people- this is going too far. 

It's like the new psychosis. Everyone must know what your personality type is- whether you are intuitive or logical- and that will decipher how they think of you in their scale system of value. First of all, for anyone who thinks a man-made test can pinpoint the exact coordinates of a person's personality, your ignorance is enough consolation for me. 

Psychologically speaking, a person has so many facets, so many layers, they're never truly just one thing, or another thing. For example, I can be extroverted in social groups, but I can be introverted with a different batch of people. I'm never just one way- and neither is anyone else. 

A person's core personality can't change you say? That's a load of barnacles. Before, my core personality was to trust everyone without doubt or question. It was my nature. Now my nature is to poke everyone with fifteen foot branch in the ribs to see if they'll bite. 

I know what you're thinking. "Well, maybe that wasn't your core personality." And you know what I'm thinking? This blog ain't big enough for the two of us. So go rant about it yourself. 

I think I know myself pretty well. After, myself and I, we've been buds for near 2 decades now. Myself is a sweet, funny person- witty and kinda silly sometimes. And no darn words is gonna tell me who I is. 

But really- anyone who takes their result as law and values anyone they meet or have known for several years as letters or colors, (ispj, enfj, infp.. blue, yellow, white or red) is an idiot. And not worthy of even my friendship, so I don't bother, and neither do you.

The human personality is constantly growing, constantly outdoing itself, constantly morphing. It's more than a psychological test designed years ago has the capacity to reign. Is the test itself garbage? No, I discovered some things about myself, and others, and explained some tendencies I have. But it never hit it right on the head. It wasn't me, 100%. 

Anyhow, I believe its much more interesting to follow life and find out for yourself just how your personality works. Or doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I took the test and save a couple of things, it was on point. I'm an ENFP, according to another psychological categorization system, I am what is known as a Champion. But i agree we shouldn't live our lives based on a test some schmuck with no gumption created in his spare time.

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Exactly. There is some validity to its research, but the pyschotic users have turned it into a fanatic religion, almost.

jad said...

Those tests sure are conversation starters at the very least. You might not know yourself as well as you think you do...or know others that well...people are good at hiding. It's part of the mythical statement about "finding yourself".

My results with the different tests are consistent and it's helped me to appreciate my interactions with others to a better degree. The test does not attempt to explain everything about a person, but are a neat way to understand a little about communication and thinking. Don't discount: Intelligence, Health, Culture, Gender, Age, Siblings, Parents, Experience in life, energy levels, etc...these also greatly affect a person's personality.

Additionally, I've seen the most insecure people come up with the craziest and least accurate tests. I assume it stems from their desire to have what they consider to be an "ideal" personality. Usually they'll say that they're both of everything, which is contradictory.

From your posts alone, I'd say you probably test as an ENFJ. :)

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

First off, thanks for dropping by Jad, and adding your two cents. :)
Next, your guess is quite close, but no cigar.
I agree with the relative usefulness on comprehending communication patterns and behavioral tendencies. But like I said, it's the people that misuse it the ones I have beef with. So I guess after a litle more pondering, the title should read, "Ninfamous vs People who take Myers-Briggs and think they're all that and a bag of chips".
And I agree with you about people trying to coerce the test to fit what they want as a personality. I usually get the same letters in the same spots, but the other two change constantly.
Regardless, it's fun when used in moderation. :)