Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modern Women? Bah!

The scene is the following. It's the early 1900s and women are upset over the ban on their voting. After all, they have great heads on their shoulders, they are apt visionaries, they are elite idealists! They should be able to vote, for they are more than just babymakers and cooks. After a whole deal of suffering, women were granted suffrage. (NO, suffrage is not the right to suffer)

Fast forward to present day. Granted, some women are still dignified and working hard to represent the well-rounded, multi-dimensional female. But whom are the role models? Botox-happy plastic faces with even faker personalities, and one-trash minds. I mean really, Susan B Anthony would fall flat on her tush if she ever saw the 2010 new year's celebration where Kesha performed. 
Ew. I mean we get, stockings ripped. But you look like Oscar's Roommate.  Except Oscar is cute. For Realz.

It's like, so much for all the years of proving women are equal, and should be treated with respect and honor. High-profile classy girls like Kim Kardashian, Snookie, Kesha and Nicky Minaj make young girls aspire to become trailer park trash in their future. I mean c'mon! Every positive rank women have struggled for in society is wiped away every time Snookie opens the rotted pit known as her mouth.

And then we wonder why men continue to treat women bad, why they don't get paid as much in jobs, why they aren't respected. Gee, it may have something to do with the fact society encourages and applauds these celebrities that at their best resemble drunken hookers. 

*Inappropriate Pun Here*
How bout perpetrator number 2- Lady Gaga. When she isn't singing about banging, she struts around town like a dragqueen. It's no wonder society, and men in general, think women are good for only one thing. And no, it's not politics. I say, women should stop complaining about how they aren't treated without dignity, how they can't get respect, and how they are viewed as objects, and start checking the way they present themselves in public. Like a piece of dried meat? I rest my case.


Verreny said...

Totally agree with you on Kesha - hate her fashion sense and her in general LOL...And while I don't care for Lady Gaga much (esp. not her lyrics) I find her way of dressing more artistic. It's almost like she wears costumes. And it's way over the top. But yeah Kesha & Co. give women a bad name!

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

The meat was a little way over the top for me. And she just has this dirty image that makes me gag. Im still wondering how Kesha made it big. Like really. Whats her talent, exactly? Looking wasted 24-7?