Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Look Back at 2011

2011- a year of deaths, more Apple products, Android playing catch up, the birth of Google Plus and a wave of protests. Incredibly so, these last twelve months have broken many records in regard to weather and have included everything from gripping court cases to celebrity deaths.

January started off the year with the Loughner shooting in Tucson, Arizona. Jared Lee Loughner raised a pistol to Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords and subsequently fired on other people present. Five people died either at the scene or later on. Giffords, however, survived and went through months of physical therapy.

Talented Amy Winehouse died at age 27 from a drug overdose. Protests in Egypt, Libya and the US created ripples. The truth is it was quite the unexpected year. Midyear, Google jumped on the social networking scene with formidable rival to Facebook, Google Plus. A real life sharing fun and business altogether network. Steve Jobs died, briefly after the release of iPhone 4S- his last innovation. Japan had a rough year, besides the tsunami and earthquakes, a nuclear plant melted and released radioactive particles. Other countries such as Chile and Haiti fought to recover from a devastated 2010.

On the music scene, Adele made ripples with big hits such as "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You". Nicki Minaj broke ground with "Superbass" and Taylor Swift won award after award. HotChelleRae (basically four emo kids with bad hair)landed on the music scene for the first time with hits like "Tonight Tonight". 

DC experimented a 40 second earthquake that made everyone in Capitol Hill city whimper and cry. Heat waves struck in the summer breaking world records and the New England area experimented snow in October. All these weather shocks and more made history in 2011.

What will 2012 have in store for the world? Perhaps more earthquakes, more sicknesses, more economic debt and insecurity..  or maybe not! However it happens, it will definitely have more Nina, faithfully bringing you a slice of knowledge every day- every week! Until the end of the world ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Dollar Mall .. The One Stop Shop!

Many of you are still broke and recuperating from Black Friday's ridiculous sales and are fearing the upcoming season of gifting. If you were smart and selfless, much of what you bought on Black Friday will be gifted to your friends, family and lesser-than-friendly co-workers. But we all know you bought that shiny new notebook and that sweet new 52" TV for none other than yourself.

So where are you going to buy all these other people gifts?

I'm an online shopper for many reasons- I hate long lines, being shoved around a store by crazy people, and hearing multiple wailing kids while their distracted mom decides between purple or lavender bath towels. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to wasting gas, and I refuse to pay 34.99 for a shirt that cost .75 cents to make. This is why I'm going to let you in on a little secret.. There's a fairy tale place online where you pay a fraction of what department stores charge you. Where no matter how much you purchase, your flat rate shipping cost is 4.99.
take me shopping!

And that place is none other than my favorite online store.. the 10 Dollar Mall!

Why should you shop at 10 Dollar Mall? Simple. They live by their name. Most of us aren't exactly rolling in the deep or the next Mark Zuckerberg.. so we shop at places where our dollar will stretch. At the same time, however, we want our clothes to be of good quality. Everything in the store is 10 dollars or less. You heard right.. 10 DOLLARS or less. Not 11.50, not 12.99, $10.00. Can the price get any better? Yes, actually, with sales every month and discounts to help you save some more.

The first time I purchased from them I was a little weary..until I opened the package. Every shirt was exactly what I imagined, and the sizes were true. I receive compliments on the clothes I purchase and everyone wants to know where I get my clothes! So why don't you head on over to 10 Dollar Mall.. and if you just purchase one item, like a jewelry set for your significant other, a super chic handbag for you daughter, or a nice shirt for yourself,  the shipping cost is $2.99.

But I'm a dude.. you may think. Congratulations on the Y chromosome. And also, 10 Dollar Mall has shirts, shoes and cologne for you, too. As well as a great selection for children's clothing, fragrances juniors, plus sizes and accessories.

AND... Because you're a loyal reader and I like you, here's a "thank you" from me to you. Nina has joined forces with 10 Dollar Mall to hook you guys up with an extra discount (as if 10 dollars wasn't already a great price ;) Use "ninaworld" as discount code on checkout for an extra 10% off!*

*If code doesn't work upon checkout, try again in 24 hours.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Retail Management Just Doesn't Get It

Since we have cognitive abilities and are learning right from wrong, we are taught to work hard, to work effectively, and to always be diligent in our tasks. Why? Because the hardworkers always come out on top, receive the best rewards, and have an increased and well founded self worth. Truly it paints a wonderful picture. But an accurate one? Not so much.

There's at least one industry I'm fully aware of, I'd say perhaps one of the most important pillars of a nation like the one we live in, that aims to pulverize every ideal we had about our work. Granted, it may be not be life or death that you helped some elderly lady find the right color cardigan, but it's a job worth doing right, and feeling honorable for it. So why do retail giants squeeze the life out of their employees? Here's why they're still NOT getting it.

1) They believe praise is poisonous and noneffective.
You know, sometimes associates are not asking for a whopping $.50 added to every hour worked. Sometimes they just want to be recognized for going the extra mile. When I served my time in retail, I did a job that required normally three people, every single day I worked.  However, all I got was urged to work faster and harder. Never a pat on the back, or a simple word of approval or recognition. (Raise? What's that?)  And when that job required creative thinking or problem solving, and I managed to pull off satisfied big dollar clients, again my work was simply swept under the rug. But when I made an honest mistake or forgot to complete a simple technicality, I was reprimanded on spot. I'm not sure why Retail Managers have an archaic mindset that praise is anti-productive. After all, we're not slaves in the stone age. But I am sure that it definitely contributed to the high turnover rate of employees in the 6 months I worked there.

Praise. It's not that difficult. You don't have to write a speech with three main ideas and two supporting details for each. A simple statement of approval alongside an brief explanation of what we did well and why will suffice. And will probably keep your happy people working harder, longer.

2) They stifle creative thinking.
Retail Management believes all employees fit in a mold of sameness- a typical standard "Associate" mold. We are assigned numbers, we are assigned identical tasks. And we are "trained"- and I apply that term in the loosest of meanings- according to "the Company" or "the Store's" way of doing it, nothing else. Even if we arrive at the same destination, we are expected to take the same route. Always. However deficient or counterproductive it may be. It reminds me of when I was organizing the highly cluttered and complicated pile of different card-stock and glossy printing paper our design center contained. I cut out pieces of each, labeled them, and put a binder ring through them so that every time a costumer asked to see what kinds of paper we offered, I'd simply show them the 4 x 6 booklet and let them choose. You'd think they'd already have something like this- kind of like how Home Depot has samples of colors instead of having their associates running around the store like headless chickens searching for every 823979 variation of colors they have. But no, if there wasn't some strict policy on it there was no need for it to be done.

3) Customers are treated worse than the worst associate. 
I'm not sure how or why, but the employees with the least motivation and initiative are the ones that survive in retail the longest. I think it's because the rest of us, that actually want to feel productive, can only take brain waste so long before we snap. After personally having to step in save our store a call to the District Manager, I realized how indifferent the managers were towards upset customers with a valid reason. Granted, sometimes customers think that by being a loud enough squeaky wheel they can single-handedly change corporate laws. As much as I'd like to, I can't give you color print jobs for free.  However, I can understand you want to be checked out in a timely manner and with courtesy and that's something I believe anyone exchanging money for goods or services deserves. It's a simple concept. But watching angry customers walk off time after time again after waiting countless minutes for a simple design job, or watching a cashier deliberately walk off on break as soon as they saw an overstuffed cart approaching, I realized how retail stores don't really care at the end of the day. Even customers become accustomed to the careless treatment they deserve.

I know my articles won't change the world- and that's not their purpose. But if Retail ever wanted to pinpoint the reason why they can't keep an associate with brains and initiative longer than 6 months, they should probably start listening.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google, where are Business Pages?

Sure, you can jump in the water without knowing how to swim. But you can't jump into the same water knowing there are hungry sharks competing to get some skin off your bones without knowing how to be a pro swimmer.

Interpretation? Google should not have launched individual pages if they knew business pages were a long ways off. Did Facebook do it? Yes, but Facebook is allowed the "pioneer permission", meaning, they were first to become a huge social networking place, so inevitably, had to make some trial and error shots along the way.

Google, knowing this information, and playing the very in tune spectator, felt they wanted a piece of the networking pie. Orkut and Buzz weren't good enough. So they created a brain child merging aspects of Twitter and Facebook into Google Plus. And the crowds cheered, that finally there was a place online that would be the hub of all things social. That you could check your email, read your favorite blogs, update your calendar, post updates and micro blog, all on the same smooth Google platform.

But then the crowds noticed something blatantly missing: Where are the business pages? Since the debut of Google Plus in July of this year, there have only been rumors and hazy messages promising business pages "as fast as they can code them". Google, dear Google, whom I've stuck with since I discovered Gmail- it's more than a race against the clock. Time is money! And we're losing the interest of big dollar clients by blocking them off from using your social network. After all, if you take away the business aspect of Facebook, what separates them from Hi5, Bebo, Multiply? The ability for consumers and businesses to interact is not to be underestimated! For the consumer and the business. The resources available online have benefited small businesses looking to cut costs and allowed large corporations to learn more about their consumer demographics and buying patterns- literally, to peer inside the mind of those interested in their products. But that beauty in interaction didn't come by staving off upset businesses promising a business profile "soon enough".

Several entrepreneurs and business owners have expressed their disappointment in Google Plus. "I don't want my clients to know me through my personal name; after all, that's not what I'm branding. I need them to reach me by my business name, the one advertised and the one I'm known by." stated a DJ in the New England area. After having his account deactivated by Google for using his fictitious name, he says he is giving up and moving back to Facebook.

At this rate, Google Plus will not be number one. And maybe that's not what they intended. But for the digital marketing reps out there that make a living and a career of promoting businesses- we twiddle our thumbs waiting to have our chance while Facebook hogs all the money making ads and businesses. I'm waiting, Google. We're waiting. We hope you can make a stellar entrance that will make us forget how long we waited. And hopefully, it doesn't come too late.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Pic Log

Who sez we lack in ejucation?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Overload of Self Help Ideas

When did everybody become the best philosopher? Where did all these cheesy one-liner life maxims and blocks of texts that direct you on how to live come from? I can't even sit down and eat an unhealthy plate of Chinese food without reading a quote that says something like, "Stop looking back, the future is forward" or some golden treasure like that.

And honestly, not only is it annoying and intrusive, but also contradictory. How many times have you heard, "Live life to the fullest!" and then, "Always save a little spontaneity for tomorrow." Or, "Follow your heart!" and then, "Your mind full of creativity and problem solving should govern the path you walk." "Plant goals and reach them!" and then, "Make life flexible enough to change your destination at will!" Quite honestly, it's an overload of self-help I wasn't really asking for in the beginning.

Granted, we all may have one or two truths we hold dear and apply to our daily lives- and that's fine! There are some universal realities that aren't going away, like treating others the way you'd like to be treated, or forgiving and forgetting. As for all those other colossal guides and blog posts about how to be successful in everything from archery to marketing, take them with a truckload of salt.


Well, because the reality is, at the end of the day, all those glorious philosophies are just one thing: Theories- garnished ideas that are based on inference and opinions. And trying to follow them all will make you crazy. Will you find success if you read every book on the topic? Maybe.. Taken you're still alive and sane. But you can also do some hands on experimenting and find out what works for you. So here's my self help tip: Stop trying to do what every self help tip tells you to. Just use your head, and work hard at what you want to achieve. That's a reality you can count on. Every moment counts when you're a mortal. And for the love of livers, stop playing Aristotle on your favorite social network.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heroes, Villains, and Vigilantes

There's a recurring theme in my classwork this semester that covers ground of whom we look up to, or down upon, for that matter, and whom takes up that middle chunk of not being wholly good or entirely bad, either.

Heroes- the selfless amazing individuals that are loving, self sacrificing, humble and also non existent.
Villains- the bad but irresistibly cool wardrobed person with bad habits and bad company.
Vigilante- the dude who thinks it's okay to kill 1,000 people, as long as you save that one bratty child with the dopey looking eyes.

Ahem.. so here's my $0.02. The vision people have of heroes have become so warped and the title used so liberally that everyone from Lady Gaga to your Mailman is in some form, a hero. And hey, we all want to aspire to be good people with good rapport, yes- I'm with you there.

But where do we draw the line, people?! If we keep this up, in five years the President and Congress will be considered heroes! I'm going to focus on heroes today, and I'll leave the other two for a later post. What qualities is a hero supposed to have anyway?

Well if we consider Optimus Prime, super awesome semi tractor trailer alien, to be a hero, then some of those qualities are 1)Metal Parts and B) Cool Painted Flames in extra-spectral colors. But if it's Lady Gaga on the Hero-Meter, then the qualities are #)Bad Make-up and H) Ridonkulous Wardrobe.

Lots of things are wrong with the world today, but one of the major flaws in whom society looks up to as role models or Heroes. I'm sorry, but unless you've died for giving up your life in exchange of saving someone(s) else's, or come close to it, you're not a hero in my book. Unless your whole life is characterized by being selfless, standing up for your beliefs no matter what, and giving on several levels and you always act in the interests of what's ethically and morally right, you're not a hero. You're also not a hero for broadcasting worldwide that you went on a kid shopping spree and picked up international relatives.

So I guess that means no one now living on the face of this earth fits that category. Oh well, I guess we can just eliminate using that word and replace it with "People Who Did Some Random Good Deed and Got Way Too Much Attention For It".

If I were a superhero, however, I'd make sure it was for a great cause with awesome wardrobe. See Figure 1A.
Spell Check vs Miz Spell

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nina vs Protesters

I know, I know, before you go klonking me on the head with the 5 Freedoms, I'm fully aware that the government allows the right to Assembly in a nonviolent manner. But you know what bucky? It also states this fun little right called the Overused and Abused "Freedom of Speech", so put a sock in it.

Here's my protest against protesters: After hundreds and hundreds of pointless marches and walks down avenues holding catchy rhyming signs.. doesn't the purpose get lost in translation? And what objective does protesting have anyway, besides creating fantastic traffic blockage and making driving a horrible nuisance? Pardon my rain on your parade, but there's gotta be a better way to stick it to the man.

Let's take this past weekend's protest on the Manhattan bridge. Did this protest impact me? Sure it did, as a commuting vehicle, the bridge was blocked the moment we were about to go on. Was it a positive impact? No, it was misery to drive in heavy traffic another 2 1/2 hours to get on the next cleared bridge.

Oh, and, note to Protest Organizers: Try to make sure the day and place you choose to overcrowd with complainers isn't already booked by your next "wonderful" cause. For example, this past Saturday crowds against Wall Street and hordes against Genetically Processed Food shared a bridge with other random pedestrians. There's gotta be another bridge in NYC you can cluster in.

The view from the road of protesters on Manhattan bridge.
So what were we talking about? Oh yeah, the effectiveness of Protesting- or lack thereof. Seriously, news crews are as tired as we, the spectators are of watching hundreds of average people walking around town  for a cause. Let's try more flash mobs and less protests, and replace signs with glow in the dark sticks. That's something I would definitely support.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Pic Log

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Celebrating The Big "1"

Exactly a year ago, my passion for writing spilled over into blogging, and I (somewhat) formally began to organize ideas, rants and opinions into articles and posts. I was a lot more constant then than I was now, and for fear of churning out mediocre or repetitive posts, my sequence of blogging has constantly changed.

But after a year of tries and fails, I finally have 37 likes on facebook! I started a year ago at zero, then five months later at 13, and then stagnant at 21 for some time, and finally now inching close to 40.

What Have I Learned? 

You have to want to blog for the right reasons. And what are the right reasons? Well that depends on your values. For some, it's entertainment, a writing exercise, or simply to make extra cash. For me, it's to practice writing, have an outlet to the ideas that sometimes become constipated in my mind, and to entertain my readers. If you don't have the right reasons to motivate your writing, you'll be out of gas soon.

What's Next For Nina vs The World? 

I can't say I'm going to blog weekly because life takes unexpected turns. I don't get paid to blog, as I'm sure you figured out by now, and my life is usually pretty hectic from morning til midnight, so that time spared for blogging is limited. But I'm still going to stick around, because I spent too much time building up for this darn thing that I'm going to make sure I stick it out so that it fulfills its purpose in being anti climactic. I can promise you that.

As of now, I'm taking requests if you'd like to hear about a certain subject or topic, or if you'd like a snarky opinion. Thank you, if you've been here since day one, and thanks if you just joined. Stick around, and hopefully together we can find validation for the purpose of this blog. ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Years Later.. September 11

There's not much that hasn't already been said about that dreadful Tuesday. Although the attack that changed history physically affected one city, the ripple effects are still tangible internationally. When going through heightened security measures, or seeing signs on public transport about suspicious activity, our mind immediately reels back to that Tuesday of September 11, 2001.

Some Things Will Never Be The Same
No matter how deep the wound, human beings strive to move on, to keep going forward despite the suffering inside. But sometimes the scars left behind redirect our lives in a way that will never be the same. Some people fell into a depression that they were never able to come out of, while others dramatically reshaped their lives for the positive. But every time we hear "Ground Zero" or drive by New York city, it's hard to pass up that void the twin towers left behind.

Lessons Learned
"It doesn't affect me" "It's not my life" .. comments like those were heard after the September 11 attacks and always after any natural or man made disaster. The truth is humans have become insensitive to the suffering others go through. Where has compassion gone? It has disappeared into a dark abyss of no return, along with  the towers. Yet, regardless of what people may say, the world we all live in is affected by the ripple effects of devastation and tragedies like 9/11. If you didn't lose family or a loved one in that terrorist attack, you did see your world stop for at least 24 hours after that Tuesday. You are also dealing with the extra paranoia in the air of another attack- the paranoia that replaced the illusion of peace and tranquility in the US. You also are probably being affected by the economic downturn this country hasn't been able to recover from since that day. So not your life? I beg to differ.

We can't change the past- or bring back what and whom were lost- but we can appreciate every moment alive and the people we love that fulfill it.

No man is an island

No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
well as a manor of thy friends or of thine
own were; any man's death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
John Donne

9/11 Memorial and New World Trade Center on the background.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Business Chronicles.. Phase 1

Given the set up for this next post by spilling my guts out in the past one, I'd like to continue the train of thought by explaining what my following steps will be. In the past, (the last 8 months) I wanted to sell shirts and merchandise related to my doodles, and maybe in the future, I will. But now my career is taking a more serious turn in life.

That's right- starting a business. I think I knew from a young age I was bound to be an entrepreneur at some point. My brother and I have always kicked back ideas of the best start-up business we could think of. My dad, whom ran his own successful window installation business for quite some time before moving to this country, always has it in him to see the business in every project.

For me it began simple. In first grade, I was drawing watches on notebook paper with catchy designs and colorful straps. I would then cut out these paper watches, and sold them for a penny a pop. Not much profit, to say the least, but for a 7 year old in my time, twenty cents was enough to buy two eraser caps or one shiny new pencil. My paper drawing business fulfilled my elementary needs.

Later at age 10 I sold stickers. That business was a little more smooth, and at the end of the week I was looking at profit anywhere from $10-$20, millionaire money in my eyes. When I turned 12 I ran two businesses simultaneously- selling silver jewelry from Italy and writing and selling a school paper. This last project touched some deep fibers within me. It was at that point I decided I wanted to pursue my writing dream. When I sold the all color newspaper which featured crosswords, stories, news and interviews it actually sold for $1.50. I was thrilled- that is, until the teachers caught on and decided to rain hard on my parade. (boo, elementary teachers, boo) Instead of praising creative thinking and harmless ideas, they squash the hopes of aspiring young ones. And that's a rant on its own. But anyway, this spiel has a point: I discovered Marketing/Writing was my calling.

However, as great as that revelation is, on its own its not enough to cash in on. So what's next on the agenda for Miss Ninfamous? To start the business- to grab those clients- to get those projects. My dad did it in his time and my brother now has a thriving reputation as an excellent wedding dj in all of New England. So now it's my turn. This will obviously be a step by rigorous step procedure, but one I am quite happy to finally be doing. And all those steps will be recorded here, on my blog, the birthplace of my ideas and expectations. Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Or have you started yours? I have to admit, it's a daunting task when looked over in its entirety. And most people, afraid to fail, don't like to share details until they are sure it's happened. But that's not my way of doing it. You guys are invited to watch my journey- and if I fail, maybe you will learn from me, and if I win, then I will definitely teach you the tricks of the trade. So it's a win win situation. Stay tuned to find out how my endeavors go..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On Choosing A Career..

It was three months ago as I sat preparing marketing content, researching the oil industry and finding innovative new ways to convince people natural gas is better, that I came along a quantum revelation. Of the personal kind. And in my life, which has proven to be anti-climactic since day one, quantum revelations don't come along as often as they should. But I finally realized what it takes other people years to find out: What I wanted to do as a career. Yes, I've always had a knack for writing, and I'm very people-oriented.

It's the reason why (all modesty aside) the Design Print Ship center I worked at for Office Depot was number one in the district for customer service time and again. I helped customers who were stumped create attractive, yet simple business cards. I learn a thing or two about Photoshop. I even learned how to put up with prissy people that only wanted someone to argue with. And with those life lessons in my pocket, I feel inclined to say, I still like working with/for people. I guess its that satisfaction that comes from doing something they never thought was possible, or enlightening them in a refreshing way- and all of a sudden they look up to you like their business savior. Its not a bad feeling- to say the least. And after getting repeat customers that asked for me by name, I realized I hit my groove. But that was over two years ago. As awesome as helping people to print 5000 copies of a lawsuit is, I felt I had bigger fish to fry. And so came the revelation that I finally had found an outlet to creative thinking, writing, and social problem solving.


Marketing? You may say. Aren't there like 50,000 business for marketing in New England alone? Yes, most likely. But there's something about my business that     separates    me from the crowd.

That I still have the same eager attitude to help as I did when I was that 17 year old cashier working in the DPS section of Office Depot. With a little more expertise and experience, and a continuous desire for creativity and innovation. I also specialize in editing, proofing, and content development.

So my piece of advice to everyone else is: If you really want to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, find that one thing that makes you feel happy and satisfied, like your potential is being reached and like you're actually contributing to something special in a small way. Whether that's being a make-up artist, or a wedding DJ, or a Florist, do what completes you, because that's what makes you shine in your own light.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have you heard.. of the UN's scandal?

As if people didn't believe the UN was capable of keeping peace, and if as if relations weren't already tender between the UN and Haiti, a floating video on the internet is now creating another ripple of scandals and humiliation for the so-called peacekeepers. Haiti already had reason to be upset at the UN, taken that thanks to their blue helmets, a deadly cholera outbreak killed nearly 6,000 and infected 300,000 earlier this year. You can read about it here.

So a viral video of several UN officers attempting to rape a young Haitian man as a "joke" was enough to make the water boil again. Apparently, the young man was taken into the barracks, pinned down on a mattress and embarrassed publicly as they made him a laughingstock before several officers while it was also being recorded into a cellphone.

The video was then taken from a cellphone of an officer by two Haitian kids who then sold it to the News Press. It is unclear whether the 19 year old man was raped or not, but it is enough to feel disgust in a nature of a joke in such bad taste. UN officials are doing their best to play down the embarrassment, calling it a simple joke that got out of hand. As the least of their offenses, the officials will be charged for entering a civilian into their barracks, but the punishment can only worsen from there. Haitian President Michael Martelly has affirmed the acts will not go unpunished. More Info Here

This leads me to an intriguing question- What purpose does the UN serve, exactly? What major development towards peace can be attributed to them? During the atrocious and horrifying genocide in Rwanda, they watched helplessly as millions of hutus and tutsis literally massacred each other leaving behind heaps of dismembered dead bodies. They were responsible for the death of thousands for carelessly spreading around a deadly virus. And today they are morally responsible for being reproachable in moral, ethical conduct. My point stands valid: No human organization is capable of even gaining trust among the people, much less providing "peace."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Five Quickest Ways To Fail

Nowadays we are bombarded by a plethora of advice on how to live our careers, our lives, our relationships. No one welcomes the idea of being a failure in any of these three aspects. But although you may hear a multitude of often controversial how to be "awesome" advice, you may not always hear the fastest road to failure.

That is why I am going to spell it out for you, in five different varieties.

  • Compare and Contrast. No matter how much you've heard this before, comparing yourself to someone else as a ruler to measure up to will send you flying to the finish line of the loser race. You are not the other person/company/business. You will have different abilities, values, outlooks and perspectives. What works for you may not work them, and vice versa. Instead of looking to someone as a pattern to follow, try learning their style and then staying on the opposite lane of it. After all, customers don't want two identical places to shop, they want variety. So offer it. 
  • Don't Be A Copy Cat. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, they say? Nonsense. Imitation is the biggest facade for lack of creativity. If you like somebody's idea, don't just steal it and try to cover your sources, honor the originator by giving them credit for whatever ideas you borrowed, and then add your own twist to it. No one likes a copy cat. Again, NO ONE likes a Copy Cat. 
  • Laziness. Nothing in life is free. It always has a cost, whether its money, time, energy or thought. Don't start a project without drive, and don't drive without inspiration. Have you ever started to read a book and fell asleep on line three of page two? It's probably because the book lacked a brilliant plot, and the thing with brilliant plots in life, is that they require imagination. Do you really care about your business/life/relationships? Then start cranking the wheels of imagination and then put them into action. 
  • Giving Up. All roads in life have bumps, narrow parts, and even the occasional pothole. What you do when you reach this point is what will make you or break you. The time to shine comes when you know you may lose, but you give it your best, and prepare for the worst. Granted, it's easy to say you manage, but when a breaking point stands before you as a looming obstacle, what will be your course of action? The strength to move forward, to persevere, even  though this may mean sometimes admitting your own mistakes- shows true character and credibility. And that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Fear  There's no way around it. You have to take risks. Or better yet, take risks you can live with. How else would have Avatar made it huge on the big screens or Star Wars into a classic? You don't think their peers looked over, jeered, or even mocked them until there was no tomorrow? Life is about taking risks to stay fresh- to prove interesting at every bend. So take a couple you are comfortable with. Whether they work or not in the long run, at least you will have gained expertise until you find your comfortable footing and the groove that works for your career/company/life.
Remember, never sacrifice honor to be an imitator. We don't want to see you be the exact replica of someone else. We want you to wow us by just being YOU. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Changes and Reflections

Its been nearly a year since I started this blog, which I began as a writing exercise that transmuted into extra income. That idea was shot smoothly and swiftly by the cannon of Google's reality when I realized google ads are not exactly your local Fort Knox. After inventing and reinventing my blog, reading and sighing, and rewriting, I have to say, I'm on a different path now than when I started. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

It's just how life goes, typically. Yet I've realized it's time for a change. A different direction, or course of action. No, I'm not going to start watching reality TV or dying my hair blonde. But before I elaborate on that, let me take you behind the scenes to the place where the wheels churn in the general direction of forward and occasionally take me somewhere amazing.

Once upon a blue moon, we come across that person in life we wish we could emulate. For artists, its big-name painters, like Picasso and Monet. For aspiring entrepreneurs, its Steve Jobs or Donald Trump. And for writers like myself, its Amber Naslund of Radian Six and Scott over at Scott's Tip of The Day. (You will hear more about this in a later segment) Its not that we don't think what we write is okay, or even sometimes pretty good. But I'm sure every blogger/writer has stopped at some point and marveled at the ability others (like Naslund) have that has audiences agreeing and impelled to respond and interact. Naslund makes it seem effortless to spoon out gold post after gold post that is clear, stimulating, and refreshing.

Granted, most great, seasoned writers aren't little shrimp like yours truly that swype fleeting ideas on their color note app between anatomy and civics and later embellish them on computer. But still. They weren't always wooing crowds, were they? I mean its only logical to assume that they had their journey of trial and error, of crickets chirping in the background, of backhand compliments of even the most well intentioned people. Right? RIGHT?..

So in honor of this really long spiel none out of none people will relate to, I will begin phase two of my blog's life. A more digital marketing focused, semi-serious journalism and reflection blend with the typical nina twist of snarky sarcastic wit. That doesn't mean the doodles are going away, after all, this blog remains  an outlet to the big opinions I can't keep inside my narrow brain. It just means there will be more of a variety and (hopefully) depth to this blog that mocking people with sketches just doesn't portray.
But don't get me wrong, mocking people is a wonderful skill to have. I have yet to read a post from Scott that at its worst wouldn't make me chuckle, and at its best make me tear up and pee on myself simultaneously. So what will be new on Nina vs The World?
Three Segments, titled:

  • Have you heard? Analyzing news, pop culture, foods, trends and up and coming people. 
  • Catching up with.. A brief, laid back interview with someone I admire or am intrigued by.
  • I wish I was like.. A moment of modesty when I forget I'm the most amazing person ever and shine the light on someone else.
Nina vs ____ will continue to be the weekly post, with my usual sardonic irony and unnecessary use of adverbs and multi-syllable words tied together with a lackluster .bmp. What can I say? Old habits are hard to break.
In addition to spinning off these three segments, I'll still throw a random pic-log here and there, as I noticed you guys like a break between wordy, confusing blog posts. 
And so I'm not sure how to end this mammoth blog post, so I guess here will be fine.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nina vs Pitbull vs Lohan

I usually don't follow the media- but this little gold nugget of randomness was just too good to pass by.  So apparently, "Locked Up" Lohan is suing Pitbull because of his "derogatory defamatory' reference to her in his hit song "Give Me Everything" which he states the following: “Hustlers move aside, so I’m tiptoein’, to keep flowin’ / I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” 

So, I'm not a Pitbull fan, in case you guys hadn't noticed, and I really could not care less for Lohan- her Disney days are over and now she's just a nuisance. In fact, there's talk about her being the next Winehouse and joining the Down Under Botanical Gardens pretty soon, if you catch my drift. But it just trips me up that she even got a lawyer to make it this big illusion that she's hurt over Pitbull slandering her name. 

Seriously? Why don't you just cut to the chase? You're a has-been that is super broke because of her uncontrollable alcohol and drug problems, with no job prospects whom gets a kick of out being the seasonal kleptomaniac. I think you've done a pretty fine job of slandering your name, all by yourself. And now you see this as a golden opportunity to milk Pitbull, who makes loads of money by relieving himself on every good beat out there. Personally, I think things would go better for your career if you partnered up with Pitbull, and asked him to pay you to be yourself- the ditzy idiot- playing out your antics on his music video.

And Pitbull, that'll teach you to keep making weak rhymes using every popular celebrity name and products  for placement.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene Preparedness

Hurricane Irene, category 3, massive tropical storm beast, is expected to make landfall on us, the Northeast US this very weekend. As a seasoned Floridian, who has seen her share of crazy hurricanes, from Wilma to Charlie and Ivan, this is routine. But for the rest of you New Englanders that have never felt quakes and are foreign to heavy rain and lightning, I promise, this is not the end of the world. Yet.

Out of my endless abyss of selflessness, I scooped up some tips that will keep you safe and hopefully entertained during the seemingly endless power less days. Granted, it will be misery that you may not have power to read my ingenuity, but there is more to life than the internet.. I think.

Spin em out!

  1. Gather water, the precious liquid of life. An active individual needs a minimum of two quarts of drinking water per day (FCS9195); thus, a family of four needs at least eight quarts (2 gallons) of drinking water per day.
  2.  How do I purify water? You can purify water by boiling, distilling, or using a chemical treatment such as a dilute bleach solution. Consult your local water authority for recommendations. Listen to a local radio station for announcements from appropriate authorities about the safety of drinking water. Follow their directions.
  3. Gather water in your tub. You'll need it for bathing or flushing- and you need bathing and flushing after being in an enclosed, stuffy dark place with no electricity. Trust me on this one.
  4. Which foods can be kept without refrigeration for at least a week?Any dried non-perishable foods such as unopened commercially canned foods, dried breakfast cereal, crackers, and cookies can be kept without refrigeration for at least a week.
  5. Stay away from windows, use plywood to bolt them up from the outside if your area will be directly hit by the storm, and after the storm, do not venture outside. Wait until it is announced that its safe to leave your house, and avoid by all means driving or stepping anywhere near fallen land lines unless you want to be fried chicken. 
  6. For more food maintenance tips, follow this link:
  7. Have a back-up plan that includes: §  Your Vital Information List: Copies of documents, such as citizenship records, passports, birth certificates, etc and a way to make them secure and accessible. §  Your Medical Information List: Medical, allergy and prescription drug history and insurance information for each person evacuating. §  Your Emergency wallet cards/ID, and optional Mobile Command Center.§  Your Evacuation Plan: Who is going to be evacuating with you, where will you go, where will you stay, and how will you get there? Make sure all your family is on the same page. §  Your Checklist:  The items you need to take with you.§  Your Get Back To Life Plan: What you and your family will do if you are unable to live in your home, or city for an extended amount of time.
  8. Hurricanes have a way of being anti-climactic, a lot like my jokes, so don't be surprised if nothing but a couple passing winds rustle your area. Meanwhile, enjoy the time with other live human beings, and rekindle that awesome experience that is fraternizing in the flesh. Have enough snackage and board games lying around, and an ample stack of batteries, flashlights, and radios. Landline phones are a convenient thing to have also, in case service is down. 
  9. If it gets ugly, duck inside a tub in your bathroom, preferably a bathroom without windows.
Stay safe everyone! And throw a wicked awesome hurricane party :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jim Carrey Video for Emma Stone

Have you guys checked this out yet? I finally discovered Twitter's usefulness. I cracked up when I watched this video by Jim Carrey, a love devotional soul baring moment when he confesses to Emma Stone how he's so madly in love with her.

And now they're calling him creepy and borderline pedo.. Isn't Emma Stone like 20 something? If she's old enough to play "Easy A" which is NOT an academics tutoring movie, she's not a little kid. And besides, its Jim Carrey, the guy who's role in life was to be the neurotic, slightly creepy oddball that makes us laugh with roles like the Count on A Series of Unfortunate Events and Ace Ventura, and even the Cable Guy. His creepy factor makes him a comedian.. remember Fire Marshall Bill?

Then again, it all goes back to how the media loves to make a big deal out of everything. The fact that Carrey is, however, 49 already, shatters my entire universe. That means he must be seeing his urologist pretty often and filling up his cabinets with rogaine. That's not how I want to picture The Mask.. Oh well.. its where we're all headed.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nina's Random Thoughts on Backhand Compliments

So, this weekend I had the joy of running into one of my regular blog readers and had a bittersweet chat with him. Why?

Because he looks at me, and out of the blue, with smug tranquility, and in a moment of reverse peristalsis, quips the following:

"Hey Nina. I just always wanted to tell you how I think its cool that although no one likes the stuff you write, you keep writing it!"

For once, I was speechless, in an effort to understand idiot.. and that's saying a lot when I'm constantly surrounded by them. I looked at him from my lemonade, slanted my eyes, and quickly analyzed the five most effective ways to kill someone with a styrofoam cup. Before I could execute my action, however,  someone else piped up saying,

"Basically what he means is, You're horrible at writing, I don't even know why you try, but I still read it."

Immediately fellow #1 tried to rephrase his statement, but it was too late. What kind of response was he expecting? What am I even supposed to say to that?

"That's me, always determined when it comes to failure!"

Let's compare it a daily social encounter. What would people think of me if I went up to them and stated: "I find it so inspiring that you continue wearing that face every day despite it's aesthetic failure."

Model. Not scaled to size. 
Okay, so I'm not the World's Best Blogger, buddy, but I know I have more than one fan out there. I mean, there's 34 likes on my page, and that's not even counting my 287 cats! 34 likes may seem meaningless, but I rather have 34 sincere readers vs 2453 "like me and I'll like you back even though I hate your writing" clicks.

So, if you want to throw Nina a pancake here and coddle my semi deflated ego, why don't you click like on that little facebook thumb below these words, and help me prove to that wonderful gentleman, that people DO LIKE my stuff. Just because you don't understand the deep, underlying, ironic writing in my blogging doesn't mean it's not good.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nina vs Movie Makers

You know what makes spoofs awesome? The fact that they make fun of something halfway silly, but with at least some substantial content. That's why Spaceballs is hilarity times ten. But when you get a downright stupid film to begin with- its not even worth mustering up the comedic muse to try to mock it. I mean really. I'm not exactly a box-office fanatic- it will take pretty much something brand spankin' awesome, like Transformers, to get me to fork over $10 of hard earned pesos in exchange for an hour and a half of visual merit. But there's not enough mushrooms in the world that would make me, Nina McAwesomeSauce, to watch even 2.5 seconds of..

Cowboys vs Aliens. 

I mean, if you survived past that ridonkulous title, you can see clearly that the wonderful ingenuity behind the direction/production of such success in the making can single-handedly spoof itself. Cowboys? First you want me to mentally portray cowboys as some fruit cakes with skinny jeans that like to cuddle in tents.. (plus other unspeakable things) and then you want to believe those same cowboys are going to join together to conquer... Extraterrestrials?

Figure 1 A
If you get Taylor Swift dressed up in wicked plaid and boots to duel Katy Perry as an alien.. now that I might watch, for the fashion alone. See figure 1A 

How can the movie industry fall so low?! It seems like just last summer we were graced with majestic films that made us drool, like Inception and Avatar, but I guess films like those are the rarity- buried under a barrage of garbage.

You know what would make a better movie? Rabies Infested Racoons vs Robotic Raptors that spit radioactive fire... fluid! See Figure 1B
Figure 1B

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nina vs The Country

I was raised the first 5113.4 days of my life in a desolate, isolated town.. In fact, its known as "America's Sweetest Town!" because they have a huge sugar factory that produces(d)? 80% of America's sugar. I always thought it was the bomb diggity to live there, but when I moved away to a beach town almost two hours away that was very suburban, I realized how different country life really is.

This past weekend I went to a town near the finger lakes, upstate NY, and felt like I was travelling back in time. Houses separated by miles and miles, cows, hay rolls, silos and barns.. and a calm air of tranquility. I almost couldn't believe I was in the same state as the Empire Building and Times Squizzir.

I don't mind the country atmosphere.. but not being remotely close to a mall is like breathing on one lung composed of tissue paper. And wifi.. seriously PEOPLE. It's Century 21, and its time we all accepted the irrevocable flow of the internet. Love it or hate it, we live in the phygital world, (as as Momentum Marketing so eloquently puts it.)

Well water. Not my first choice in the tap water department. It yellows things and smells just fantastic- if fantastic is the new word for blecch!

Here's the rant so subtly veiled in this post: Gas Station Owners in the Country are the equivalent of Gaddafi from Libya. They steal and squash the people with super inflated prices at the pump. The country people have no choice, since driving everywhere is what you do when the nearest convenience store is 25 mins away. I mean, I whine and gripe about $3.70, -then again, I whine and gripe for just about everything- but travelling to upstate NY gave me a dose of sobering when I nearly had three consecutive cows and one piglet after reading the blatant price of $4.20. And that wouldn't be so bad if the hourly wage pay scale is $8.02!!

So the country has its pros- pretty much an absence of crime, (except for the exploiting gas overlords). It must be nice to sit out on the porch all night and leave your doors and cars unlocked without fear of imminent danger. And the really nice laid back people that actually are happy most of the time! When was the last time you walked into a Family Dollar and someone greeted you with a smile and asked you how your day was going? Shoot, I go to Panera Bread at the mall and the clerk always seems to want to engrave her initials in my skull, and all I want is a soy latte.. is that too much to ask? Must everyone in CT be so bitter? Refer to Figure 1A.
Figure 1A. Nevermind.. I'll just.. make my own.. latte..

So even if the city is your calling, take a week every once in a while to experience the beauty of the country. Nothing like unwinding and relaxing next to groves of fresh apples and your dear Uncle Dad. ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nina vs Desperate Women

Dear Ladies Without A Man..

Oh how quickly life passes by us, eh? It seems like just yesterday your skin was tight and fresh and you turned down every Peter Puberty that asked you to the high school dance. Fast forward twenty odd years and now you'd kill to date that very Peter, face boils and all.

Yet here we are in the year 2011 and not even Larry the fat grocer with more hair on his stomach than his head will give you a second look. And he's partially blind. So for some odd reason you think promoting yourself like you would a facebook fan page or a Nobel prize will get you recognition- which may lead to-ultimately, a male species.

Well I'm here to tell you that ain't how it goes. Besides looking like utter fools, you'll only gain the disrespect and disgust of others that watch you selling yourself with disdain.. (and to no availl.) Let's face it, desperate girls are about as attractive as rotting fruit in the clearance aisle. Yeah, you'll get attention, just not the kind you'll appreciate. (Refer to Figure 1A)

Loneliness blows- I agree. But suffocating every man with unnecessary information and tooooo much attention is going to get you even deeper in that lonely hole. And plastering your lonely sad life on the internet is not going to buy you compassion- or even a drink.

The point is, my progesterone laden female fossils, that you should never swap your dignity for just an opportunity to be looked upon. Just do your thing, don't read into general kind actions of the male gender, and eventually someone will show up. But here's a tip, never mention designing your own wedding dress or what your children together will look like on the first date.

Clearance ain't always good..

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apathetic America

Its not that Americans don't care anymore. But when you've got every village idiot running for office, its almost inevitable that at some point, people stop taking things seriously. How so? (Play close attention. The main ideas are in bold.)

Politicians seem to make it a rite of passage to have some moral scandal implode midway in their careers. I mean really Shwarz? You couldn't have done any better? You picked that woman to be your mistress? She looks like the woman that ate your mistress. There's not enough beer in the world that can make her look as if she's worth losing a family and a rep, Governator.

It's not that Americans don't really care for politics, it's just the wrong people are involved. In fact, I bet if Larry the cable guy, Will Ferrell, Jim Gaffigan, Steve Carrel and both Flight of the Chonchords guys ran for office, all of a sudden you'd have America voting. Its all about giving the people what they like, right? In fact, political debates would probably be more interesting than they are now, and moral scandals wouldn't be scandals anymore. The worst the media could exploit would be a silent crowd.

I've said it before: Politics are a joke. It's all about throwing dirt on each other and making promises you have the least intention of keeping. A rigged popularity contest. Whomever has the best charisma, wins. This is why yours truly just stands in the sidelines and chuckles softly. Humans, they think they've got the world's problems figured out and they're unable to even keep an illusion of a normal personal life.

Yeah, sure...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Become A Millionaire!!

I cracked the code. There's only one easy way to become a millionaire. Normally you'd need to brainwash your way to the top, or step on toes and do everyone favors. But not if you're smart. There's a shortcut to unlimited money from exploiting the brainless. How?

Invent a holiday. Now, stay with me. How much money do you think retail stores profit every time they wag a flyer around or broadcast a commercial saying it's Father's Day sale or Memorial Day sale, or even Flag Day sale? Apparently, holiday=coughing up dough. And if you want a piece of the pie, you should start making up a holiday to profit from.

You know what mine will be? National Mocking Day! T Shirts, sales, mugs, coolers, foam hats, beads.. Wait. I'm confusing that with Mardi Gras. Anyway. Make up a ridiculous reason to have a holiday, get a half day off from work, and spend all the money you really need on junk you don't.

Still think it wouldn't fly? Okay, Greeting Cards. The entire Greeting Card industry completely created a bunch of ridiculous holidays and have the cheesy cards to back them up. How did that ever make it into marketing?! A stupid crappy sketch.. a lame one liner inside.. Hold on- I think I just thought of my next brilliant marketing project!

Presenting the "Nina vs The World" notecards set. 20 random funny cards! Upset your friends and possibly get fired from work. Genius.



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Pic-Log

It's either half-empty, or half-full.
No need for a five page dissertation, Confucius.

Nina vs Undercover World

What is that makes the life of spies so alluring that the entertainment world always promotes it? Is it the fact that death escapades make up their daily bread? The fact they have subsequent lives, parallel lives, alter egos, aliases, and a whole set of nine lives?

Of course, I am just basing my accurate notions on reading "The Athena Project" and watching The Tourist. But for mostly everyone, it must be riveting to lead a seemingly shadow less life and be "off the radar." Now let's be real. How many real spies do you know in person? What's that you say? That would defeat the purpose? That's no excuse. If you want a bunch of hoodlums after you for no apparent reason, you can just set up camp in New Haven. No need to go to the government for that.

What knocks me off my rocker, (yes, I really did just use that expression and I can feel my popularity plummeting) is that in every spy movie, the main character doesn't die, the "bad" guys do, no matter how fast the chasee runs and how many alleys they turn to, the chaser finds them in 2.5 seconds after being held up, falling over and possibly running into a conveniently placed wall/street kiosk/old lady. Two car/boat/plane/helicopter/scooter chases later, and all of a sudden the spy disappears. Come on! At least follow some physical law.

In fact, my conspiracy theory is that spies may just die so quickly that movies are supposed to encourage people to want to be spies to recruit new gullible losers with a desire for danger. If I happen to "choke" on a "piece of pie" or "forget to take meds", you guys know what happened. ;P

Anyhow. If I was a spy, my name would be.. Nincognito 0021. But.. I guess now I wouldn't be so undercover. Or am I?. ;)

 I don't believe in violence, so I've taken the liberty of replacing the sniper with a kid from my neighborhood holding laughing gas. Oh, and I'm not killing anyone. I respect life.

Friday, June 10, 2011

5,000 HITS+ Rant

People, we finally made it. We passed the 5,000 mark!

But.. but why are so many other bloggers more successful? Why do old ladies with boring stories from the past have more than 600 followers? Why is every other blog a blog on parenting with a cheesy name like, "Keeping up with the Kooklas!" Or "Raising Tommy, Whammy, and Flammy!" Why am I still frozen in time at 9 followers and only 21 LIKES?! I'm dedicated! I'm smart-ish, and once in a while, I'm ridiculously funny! There are certain conundrums I will never figure out.

Think about it. It's a difficult world for women! (Yes.. another feminist rampage.) Especially the young and childless. You can't succeed by pity, or by exploiting your nonexistant kids. In this world, imaginary children are just not that important to anyone. Nonsense! You may respond. But listen here, buddy. How long did it take women to reach top notch paying yobs eh? And I don't mean extensive street social work.. if you catch my drift. Women sports? Does anyone watch them for the athletic, sport-ness of the event? Of course not. Thats the only explanation of how Maria Kurnikova is a legendary tennis player even though it has nothing to do with her skills during matches. Female Beach Volleyball. If nothing had convinced you yet that female sports are rigged, this should take the cake. Does anyone keep score? Are their shorts shrinking all the time? Am I insane?! I'm telling you. Either they exploit themselves or they have to walk the man walk to gain some respect..

All I know is that I stand alone on my blogging platform. And it may take years before someone recognizes and appreciates my unparalleled awesomenesss. And my ridonkulous ability to make up words as I go. But thanks for sticking by me as I've come from zero to 35 mph. And maybe one day when I get a literary agent to publish my insanity, I'll dedicate a page or two to all the awesome support I've had as of yet. :)

Now... on to party!! Bust out the bubble wrap! Pass the chips and dip! Blast the house music! And everyone, have a great Friday :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Offense of Matchmaking

Several things on this planet may feel insulting. A whack in the face. A contemptuous attempt at our dignity.

But nothing can reduce your self esteem faster than being set up.

You all know what I'm talking about. You're hanging out with friends, they start talking about other friends, all of a sudden you find someone saying they remind you so much of someone they know. Next thing they know, they're promising the best relationship you never had if you give this guy a chance. "He's so much like you!" "He's such a visionary!" "You guys would get along great." "You have the same sense of humor!"

So here you are, trekking vineyards of roses, forming clouds in your coffee, getting your hopes higher than the bum on dope. And then, when the awaited moment happens, every fiber of your ego comes crashing down into an explosive mess that will neither leave remains nor ruins. It will just completely evaporate your self worth.

The guy is a loser. And granted, loser is a general term, but this guy takes loser to an untraveled spectrum. He's the quantum of loser. And now you're sitting there in bed bawling about how people must think you're not so great yourself if they thought you were going to be a match made in loser heaven.

Sigh. I'm not jaded. I promise. But seriously, people, keep your matchmaking to yourselves! Don't assume you know someone, what they like , etc, when it just doesn't work that way. No one deserves to have their dignity pulverized in such way.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ninfamous vs Gas Prices

That's right, it's gripe hour.

The price at the pump today is even more painful than your average Miley Cyrus performance. Two years ago we were scared witless when the price hit $4.11. Now $4.11 is a great price to stumble upon, if you can find it.

I guess its come to that time when we have to get our lazy butts off the comfortable car seat and unto the narrow rubber triangle of a bike seat. China's been doing it since the wheel was invented! And look at their economy! Are they hurting? No. They practically sit their comfortable narrow butts on the comfort of the narrow bike seat and scoff at fat lazy Americans who can't go from their house to the mailbox without getting in their car. So apparently all these years the formula for a good economy is one we missed. The secret is not in the complicated language they use, or their space saving lifestyle. Not even their ridiculously easy way of making crappy bootleg technology that lasts a full week without dying. I have found that secret. Don't worry, of course I'll share it with you :

 Laziness= Bad Economy .

You with me? It gets better.

Bad Economy= High Gas Prices
High Gas Prices= Use Bikes
Bikes= Health and More Money
More Money= Mass Production of Industry
Mass Production of Industry= China
China= Bikes
Bikes=Good Economy

Yessir. So it's time to break out them two wheelz and peel out. After all, you'll only need to use them for two and a half days. Then, if you's been a good little chicken, it's rapture hour! :P

But riding a bike doesn't appeal to me. So I'm going to take advantage of the brute force in my pet maltese.

Maltese are known for their staunch strength in pulling heavy cargo.

Monday, May 16, 2011

James Tate FTW

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you must have heard by now of the uproar created by James Tate of Shelton High School. (Which just so happens to be very close to Ninfamous' quarters) The teenage boy/young man (manboy?) posted on the wall of his school during afterhours with the help of his friends, cardboard letters asking a girl out to prom.

The reaction to his novel approach? Suspension from school and being banned to go to the prom. The one social activity that means life, in a nutshell, and marks the beginnings of mostly every overly hormonal homo-sapien in high school.

The media had a field day and practically cornered the headmaster, whom looks like a mix between Janet Reno and Marcie from Charlie Brown. First she gave one press conference emphasizing her full right to make unpopular decisions and her complacency with being disliked by the crowds. Then she had to diplomatically eat those words and retract her extreme decision in a more irenic light. Fail, Marcie Reno. Fail.

James, on the other hand, couldn't have benefited more from this whole craze. Everyone and their mama wanted to support or interview him. He's gotten several FB pages in his names with hundreds of likes, nationwide support and now that the man-boy gets his party, all of a sudden the mass of die hard fans are getting sick of the thinly veiled 'Buy the t-shirts' gimmick the FB page is shoving down their throats.

Here's Nina's Opinion: The kid didn't commit a crime. If the school really thought it was that offensive, there could have been a more reasonable punishment than automatically suspending and banning them from prom. With so many violent school stories, the fact that this young boy thought of a cute, romantic-ish way of asking out a girl to prom is noteworthy. No one was insulted, no one was hurt, there was no damage done to the property or to anyone. Vandalism? Please. A lot of people spray paint to their hearts' content and most people don't even call that vandalism anymore. So let it go. Smack his wrist if you will, but let boy have his night of regret- er fun and games. Seriously, there are bigger fish to fry.

So the story has a happy ending. And James Tate has probably inspired hundreds of kids to try risky, new ways of asking out chicks to prom for a good fifteen minutes of fame.

In the words of Dj Ticoindamix, let's all party to the JamesTATE of Mind! Proof that if you whine loud enough and get the media involved, anything is possible.

Now Can I Haz More Page Likes PLZ!? Geez! What's a girl gotta do? Been bloggin' since October of last year and I'm at a disappointing 24 likes. Pathetic.

But it's not about me.. Its not about me.. Congrats, Tate, from an opinionated CT valley girl ;)