Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Offense of Matchmaking

Several things on this planet may feel insulting. A whack in the face. A contemptuous attempt at our dignity.

But nothing can reduce your self esteem faster than being set up.

You all know what I'm talking about. You're hanging out with friends, they start talking about other friends, all of a sudden you find someone saying they remind you so much of someone they know. Next thing they know, they're promising the best relationship you never had if you give this guy a chance. "He's so much like you!" "He's such a visionary!" "You guys would get along great." "You have the same sense of humor!"

So here you are, trekking vineyards of roses, forming clouds in your coffee, getting your hopes higher than the bum on dope. And then, when the awaited moment happens, every fiber of your ego comes crashing down into an explosive mess that will neither leave remains nor ruins. It will just completely evaporate your self worth.

The guy is a loser. And granted, loser is a general term, but this guy takes loser to an untraveled spectrum. He's the quantum of loser. And now you're sitting there in bed bawling about how people must think you're not so great yourself if they thought you were going to be a match made in loser heaven.

Sigh. I'm not jaded. I promise. But seriously, people, keep your matchmaking to yourselves! Don't assume you know someone, what they like , etc, when it just doesn't work that way. No one deserves to have their dignity pulverized in such way.

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