Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ninfamous vs The Invention of Math

If someone proposed to you that they still remember when Thinking was invented, what would you think of such individual? Smoking something, for sure.. or pulling your leg. 
So yesterday when my Geometry Teacher said he'd wish he could turn back time to BECOME the inventor of Math, I nearly flabbergasted all over the floor. The best part is everyone in turned, agreed to such novelty in unison. Of course, I protested.
"Math was never invented. It's always been here. It was DISCOVERED."

"Well," said he, "I could go on and on discussing the History of Math, but let's get back to our geometry lesson."
And there I was left spooling in a realm of my own, disappointed at the flight of a good debate, but comforted by  coils of my own thoughts.
The point is? Some of you may be asking.
The point is certain things were not, can not be invented, like thinking. Is thinking an instinct? Well, some debate that animals don't think- or don't reflect. That's another blog on its own, coming soon. But returning to invention- Sure, someone invented the word "thinking" in our language- and some other chin scratchers thought of fancier names in their cultures. But the concept, ze owiginal idea, has always been there. It was simply discovered universally and labeled. 
Now that you too are drooling in awe of my cosseted idea, let me read your thoughts! :)