Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ninfamous vs Hemingway

This post is going to sound slightly cruel. In fact, it  may make me seem heartless.
Well, I'm not. But after having the opportunity to learn more about Hemingway and his life- I've come to the sound conclusion: I don't like the man. Not one bit more than I like wisdom tooth extraction. Trust me, I know.
It's not that I hate Hemingway. Nevermind his lack of imagery, or his constant offenses towards God and religion. I can understand his being fed up with hipocrisy. Its the hateful bitterness and spine-less attitude that characterized him as a person that makes him irritably intolerable in my eyes. He lived a life of blame, finding the culprit for his own failures in the women he married for money, used and then divorced. 
Granted, he was smitten over an older nurse that moved on to fry bigger fish. I get it. Heartbreak hurts. But why don't you grow some character? Build a bridge, make it golden if you like, and walk over it. You can't continue dwelling in a well of self-pity, because you not only make yourself loathsome to others, you feel even worse about yourself. 
I've had to read several of his works lately, including "The Snows of Kilimajaro" and "A Clean   well-lighted Place" and it's safe to say I'm less than impressed. I'm pretty sure I had a full REM cycle during "The Old Man and the Sea." His writings are stereotypical of a person who was not happy with his route in life, and instead of taking the reigns of his own life and making his own path, he simply sinks into the temporary anesthetic of alcohol. 
Taking in consideration the piece of work he was, it boggles my mind that he won a Nobel Prize. I mean, it's beyond my mental grasp. So a bitter middle aged man can pen his thoughts about death and prejudiced/racial slurs? Big deal. So can a lot of other coward bloggers and "writers" that are highly close minded and self absorbed. That doesn't mean they deserve the most prestigious award of accomplishment, or that in any way shape or form constitute a role model. It's like giving a monkey a diamond ring. He'll fling it back at you covered in his own feces.
A lot of his defenders say he spoke about things other people don't want to  acknowledge, and that gave him his talented edge. That's a whole lotta opium talking. There's plenty of people that talk about things most people don't give the time of day. Jose Luis Borges was an excellent writer of stimulating, innovative perspectives. Hey, even I blog before you today unafraid of the public, and the whole barrage of hate mail I'll probably receive after this post. ;) In my opinion, you can't separate the author from the person. The person reflects his views in his writings, however subtle. And Hemingway's views are as twisted as a pretzel of death.
 Again- I do give him some slack-(so keep your pitchforks in the barn, people) he had mental issues and committed suicide in his 60s. But throughout his life he never gave anything back to humanity except writings of despair and hateful regret. If that's art, I could just watch back to back episodes of Dr. Phil. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WATSON and our Future

The future of technology is here.
With style, with finesse, and playing Jeopardy.
It's WATSON, the new Supercomputer!
What's the big buzz about that, you may ask? Well, Watson, if it reaches and surpasses its creators' expectations, will be the machine that revolutionizes life as we live it- in all fields from Game Shows to the Operating Room. (Watch a Video about Watson)
In fact, it will be a lot like Computer from Hitchhiker's Guide,(see fig. 1A)  the depressive, tv-watching, enormous machine that when asked what the answer was to "Life, the Universe, and Everything" replied the smug.. "42."
Fig. 1 A-This Smart computer even had a british accent
So, original idea, IBM? I think not. Besides, Computer even has propped up arms that personifies its appearance.
However, WATSON is already making news with its fast response to questions to topics as broad as physics, movies, and nobel laureates.
So the computer can answer trivia questions in the speed of light. Impressive. But so can a Google Search Bar.
Get back to me when they can single handedly operate, eliminate all of the jobs humans can do, and take over the world. Then we'll have a revolution to talk about. (See fig. 1B)
Fig. 1B- The Future of Technology

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Single vs Coupled

Was I sleeping when dating paralleled happiness? Or became the pursuit of an enriched life? I have nothing against true love, for in many cases its like a cancerous tumor. You can't see it growing inside you til you're in the final stages of metastasis.

But what I am against, is people making the rest of us single people seem like were deficient, defective, or socially challenged because we're not coupled. I got news for you. This isn't the 19th century, and I'm not Jane Austen. Just because some of us decide we don't want to get tangled up in the messes of love doesn't mean we aren't capable of bliss.

Granted, doing your significant other's laundry, slaving in the kitchen and falling asleep to the lulling acoustics of his snoring and farting may be your idea of heaven, but spare me your ideals. It's bad enough growing up and being responsible for your own self to then rush in to more responsibility and babysitting an adult. I have enough self-worth and love in my life to have to egotistically date to fulfill a love void.

It's a free country- so if you want to babysit while your love is potato couch sitting, go ahead with your bad self. That's your idea of happiness. When I feel like limiting my liberty for the sake of amour.. I will do it. But don't hold your breath...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Role Model Behavior

Good Monday Afternoon folks! Glad you could tune in. Here we are yet again, and yes, it's time to play "The Self-Righteous Smite!"

It's not that I hate Miley Cyrus. After all which little brat these days would turn down fame and fortune for a conformist, Mickey Dees and penny-budgeting life? Not one. And let's not forget, Hannah Bongtana is only 18. It was only expected she'd go buckwild.

My issue is, not Disney, not Miley. But parents. Yes, its another parenting spiel. Parents international are outraged at the fact little Angel Miley is ditching the good girl, huckle-chuckle lifestyle, best-buddies-bunny-teeth image for an all-time high, chortling, choking and bucktooth Miley.

Well you know what? If you allow your kids to deify a teenage superstar and allow her to assume your role model parenting patterns to follow, it's your own dumb fault. Little tots shouldn't be watching those kind of brain-diluting, vegetable-prone, and non ejucational shows anyhow. And if you allow them to believe the guile that movie stars are the best role models, you get no pity from me. After all, everyone knows Disney shows casting a happy-go lucky 10 yr old are targeted at 50 year old pedos, anyway.

Instead of letting your 52 inch LED TV mother your child, try the old fashion way of being there in the flesh and reinforcing great life skills...

Like how to get high from a 10 ft bong.