Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WATSON and our Future

The future of technology is here.
With style, with finesse, and playing Jeopardy.
It's WATSON, the new Supercomputer!
What's the big buzz about that, you may ask? Well, Watson, if it reaches and surpasses its creators' expectations, will be the machine that revolutionizes life as we live it- in all fields from Game Shows to the Operating Room. (Watch a Video about Watson)
In fact, it will be a lot like Computer from Hitchhiker's Guide,(see fig. 1A)  the depressive, tv-watching, enormous machine that when asked what the answer was to "Life, the Universe, and Everything" replied the smug.. "42."
Fig. 1 A-This Smart computer even had a british accent
So, original idea, IBM? I think not. Besides, Computer even has propped up arms that personifies its appearance.
However, WATSON is already making news with its fast response to questions to topics as broad as physics, movies, and nobel laureates.
So the computer can answer trivia questions in the speed of light. Impressive. But so can a Google Search Bar.
Get back to me when they can single handedly operate, eliminate all of the jobs humans can do, and take over the world. Then we'll have a revolution to talk about. (See fig. 1B)
Fig. 1B- The Future of Technology


jad said...

As long as Watson and Google (aka Skynet) don't unite forces and gather a few of these quadcopters, we should be safe...

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Wow, that quad is cool, in a life-endangering way. I see the future of humanity, and no matter how positive I try to be, it's always destruction, one way or another.
And the video of Rick Astley? o.O?
LOL.. totally random.

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

p.s. Did anyone realize the binary code on the factory actually spells something out?