Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nina vs The Country

I was raised the first 5113.4 days of my life in a desolate, isolated town.. In fact, its known as "America's Sweetest Town!" because they have a huge sugar factory that produces(d)? 80% of America's sugar. I always thought it was the bomb diggity to live there, but when I moved away to a beach town almost two hours away that was very suburban, I realized how different country life really is.

This past weekend I went to a town near the finger lakes, upstate NY, and felt like I was travelling back in time. Houses separated by miles and miles, cows, hay rolls, silos and barns.. and a calm air of tranquility. I almost couldn't believe I was in the same state as the Empire Building and Times Squizzir.

I don't mind the country atmosphere.. but not being remotely close to a mall is like breathing on one lung composed of tissue paper. And wifi.. seriously PEOPLE. It's Century 21, and its time we all accepted the irrevocable flow of the internet. Love it or hate it, we live in the phygital world, (as as Momentum Marketing so eloquently puts it.)

Well water. Not my first choice in the tap water department. It yellows things and smells just fantastic- if fantastic is the new word for blecch!

Here's the rant so subtly veiled in this post: Gas Station Owners in the Country are the equivalent of Gaddafi from Libya. They steal and squash the people with super inflated prices at the pump. The country people have no choice, since driving everywhere is what you do when the nearest convenience store is 25 mins away. I mean, I whine and gripe about $3.70, -then again, I whine and gripe for just about everything- but travelling to upstate NY gave me a dose of sobering when I nearly had three consecutive cows and one piglet after reading the blatant price of $4.20. And that wouldn't be so bad if the hourly wage pay scale is $8.02!!

So the country has its pros- pretty much an absence of crime, (except for the exploiting gas overlords). It must be nice to sit out on the porch all night and leave your doors and cars unlocked without fear of imminent danger. And the really nice laid back people that actually are happy most of the time! When was the last time you walked into a Family Dollar and someone greeted you with a smile and asked you how your day was going? Shoot, I go to Panera Bread at the mall and the clerk always seems to want to engrave her initials in my skull, and all I want is a soy latte.. is that too much to ask? Must everyone in CT be so bitter? Refer to Figure 1A.
Figure 1A. Nevermind.. I'll just.. make my own.. latte..

So even if the city is your calling, take a week every once in a while to experience the beauty of the country. Nothing like unwinding and relaxing next to groves of fresh apples and your dear Uncle Dad. ;)