Monday, August 15, 2011

Nina's Random Thoughts on Backhand Compliments

So, this weekend I had the joy of running into one of my regular blog readers and had a bittersweet chat with him. Why?

Because he looks at me, and out of the blue, with smug tranquility, and in a moment of reverse peristalsis, quips the following:

"Hey Nina. I just always wanted to tell you how I think its cool that although no one likes the stuff you write, you keep writing it!"

For once, I was speechless, in an effort to understand idiot.. and that's saying a lot when I'm constantly surrounded by them. I looked at him from my lemonade, slanted my eyes, and quickly analyzed the five most effective ways to kill someone with a styrofoam cup. Before I could execute my action, however,  someone else piped up saying,

"Basically what he means is, You're horrible at writing, I don't even know why you try, but I still read it."

Immediately fellow #1 tried to rephrase his statement, but it was too late. What kind of response was he expecting? What am I even supposed to say to that?

"That's me, always determined when it comes to failure!"

Let's compare it a daily social encounter. What would people think of me if I went up to them and stated: "I find it so inspiring that you continue wearing that face every day despite it's aesthetic failure."

Model. Not scaled to size. 
Okay, so I'm not the World's Best Blogger, buddy, but I know I have more than one fan out there. I mean, there's 34 likes on my page, and that's not even counting my 287 cats! 34 likes may seem meaningless, but I rather have 34 sincere readers vs 2453 "like me and I'll like you back even though I hate your writing" clicks.

So, if you want to throw Nina a pancake here and coddle my semi deflated ego, why don't you click like on that little facebook thumb below these words, and help me prove to that wonderful gentleman, that people DO LIKE my stuff. Just because you don't understand the deep, underlying, ironic writing in my blogging doesn't mean it's not good.