Monday, September 29, 2014

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Review

As most of you must have heard by now, Apple unveiled two new iPhones of sleek design and beauty on September 9th. The phones have checked off some of the biggest complaints from current iPhone users and jeering Android users, whom are always close by to remind us they’ve had these features for years. (Thanks for all the free beta-testing, btw)

And while it is true that Apple has included features that Android has had for a few years, the opposite is also true. Regardless of your phone preference, my purpose is not to bash Android, or Blackberry, or Microsoft or any other phone maker. I feel every phone and ecosystem has its own perks. I am perfectly happy with my Apple devices, and chose to continue the legacy with another addition to the family.

With these latest models, came not only larger displays, but the ability to use NFC for payments, much better cameras, and overall- a better phone. Yours truly had been holding on to her faithful (now primitive and dwarf) iPhone 4S, since June of 2012. So clearly, it was time for an upgrade. I would have held off even longer had I not managed to finally crack my screen in a fancy mosaic of sorts. (Talk about glass splinters on your thumbs)

The new and glorious iPhone 6 comes in two different models, the 4.7 inch screen iPhone 6, and the 5.5 inch screen iPhone 6 Plus. I pre-ordered the 6 Plus on Sept 12th, and received it later than I originally expected, but thankfully earlier than the horror backorder stories promised.

My good friend Ingrid opted for the iPhone 6. Now that we've both had a few days to mess around with them, we are ready for write reviews for those of you contemplating either one of these gems.

The features we will be looking into are Battery Life, Processing Speed, iOS 8, Camera, Overall Feel and Design. Keep in mind these reviews are not from your typical tech-savvy person- just the average user that wants a phone to be a phone, and also much more than that. 

Without further ado.. let’s take it away!

IPhone 6
Battery Life:
The battery life on the iPhone 6's doesn't seem like it’s any different. I have to say that apple could have done a better job with that.

Processing Speed:
The new A8 processor on the iPhone 6 is quite faster but not much any different from A7…..I don't know if it’s just me.

iOS 8:
The iOS 8 contents looks gorgeous and crisp!!!!

I can’t really say much on the iphone 6 since it does not have the optical image stabilization like the plus….. at least the iphone 6 has digital stabilization.

Overall Feel & Design:
The fact that my phone fell inside the sofa……yes literally inside the sofa where the box springs are can give you an idea how thin the iphone 6 is. I am so glad I got the iphone 6; even with a bigger screen it’s very easy to handle.

Even though a lot of people might not care very much but I found that the Glass from the front that folds slightly around the edges gives it a whole different beautiful look.

iPhone 6 Plus

Battery Life: In this day and age in the arena of smartphones, it's almost a draw. All smartphones improve our life in someway, and are practical and efficient, with features unique to the phone. The dealbreaker for me is usually battery life. I use my phone constantly, as it contains my appointments, reminders, events, photos, photo editing applications, etc.. Therefore I need a phone that can handle the 9-5 without having to be chained to a power outlet. After full day usage of my iPhone 6 Plus, on slightly less than halfway brightness, the phone lasts an impressive 12 hours. This includes messaging, photo taking and editing, streaming music, calling, tinkering on apps, instagramming of course- reading news, i.e. Needless to say, I am more than pleased. I'm blown away that a phone with such a large screen and so many features also has a respectable battery. 

Processing Speed:
Man. Oh man. What a beauty it is to tap something and be taken immediately to it. On my aging 4S, clicking on an app, or switching from open app to notification took at least a few seconds. On my Plus, it slides over immediately.. I’m almost gliding from app from app, and sometimes I find myself a few steps ahead. The A8 processor is glorious. Faster than lightning diarrhea.

iOS 8:
As with any new massive update, there’s always a few glitches along the road. Most of the time these glitches come from apps that are two steps behind. But with developers zooming away to fix it all, I’m sure these apps will be back to functional perfection soon. One of my favorite post process editing apps, Repix, is not yet fully functional on the iOS 8. Technology will catch up as it always does though- and in a few weeks everything will be settled to normality.
iOS 8 has some really neat perks- living leaving group messages, naming them, sharing your location via the iMessage app and some other nifty tricks. This weekend I met up with some friends in New York, and we found each other quickly using this method.

One word: Spectacular. The crisp and color in the photos are gorgeous. The ability to record slow-mo and time-lapse videos is impressive. The quality in the pictures, especially the ones taken in lower light, is a vast improvement over its predecessors. The front-facing camera got a boost as well, taking bright, vivid and sharp photos. I am not one bit disappointed.

Overall Feel & Design:
As with anything new, it takes some getting used to. Single-hand texting is an added challenge, but now with the addition of Swype, I can still manage to hold the phone with my right hand and text. After a week of using this phone, it doesn’t feel cumbersome or large at all. One interesting aspect is it alters your perception of other phones. For example, I can no longer tell the difference between the 5S or the 4S, as they both look small. I’m very pleased with my little gadget here, and can’t wait to take stunning photos on my upcoming vacation.

OH- how could I forget? The phone has NOT bent. I also haven’t put my entire body weight upon it for kicks and giggles. But even applying force to it, it did not bend. I dare say, you kind of have to be a baboon with your phone or venture out to bend it for it happen. I’m not sure why it’s such a novelty to people; it’s an extremely thin phone that is also light. Is it really that surprising that it will change shape if applied enough force?

I've always wanted the ability to carry less around with me, and with the nearing implementation of NFC payments, it seems I will be only needing to carry this slim and efficient device with me wherever I go. 

If you have any questions or comments about the phone, feel free to comment below!