Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apathetic America

Its not that Americans don't care anymore. But when you've got every village idiot running for office, its almost inevitable that at some point, people stop taking things seriously. How so? (Play close attention. The main ideas are in bold.)

Politicians seem to make it a rite of passage to have some moral scandal implode midway in their careers. I mean really Shwarz? You couldn't have done any better? You picked that woman to be your mistress? She looks like the woman that ate your mistress. There's not enough beer in the world that can make her look as if she's worth losing a family and a rep, Governator.

It's not that Americans don't really care for politics, it's just the wrong people are involved. In fact, I bet if Larry the cable guy, Will Ferrell, Jim Gaffigan, Steve Carrel and both Flight of the Chonchords guys ran for office, all of a sudden you'd have America voting. Its all about giving the people what they like, right? In fact, political debates would probably be more interesting than they are now, and moral scandals wouldn't be scandals anymore. The worst the media could exploit would be a silent crowd.

I've said it before: Politics are a joke. It's all about throwing dirt on each other and making promises you have the least intention of keeping. A rigged popularity contest. Whomever has the best charisma, wins. This is why yours truly just stands in the sidelines and chuckles softly. Humans, they think they've got the world's problems figured out and they're unable to even keep an illusion of a normal personal life.

Yeah, sure...