Monday, February 21, 2011

Role Model Behavior

Good Monday Afternoon folks! Glad you could tune in. Here we are yet again, and yes, it's time to play "The Self-Righteous Smite!"

It's not that I hate Miley Cyrus. After all which little brat these days would turn down fame and fortune for a conformist, Mickey Dees and penny-budgeting life? Not one. And let's not forget, Hannah Bongtana is only 18. It was only expected she'd go buckwild.

My issue is, not Disney, not Miley. But parents. Yes, its another parenting spiel. Parents international are outraged at the fact little Angel Miley is ditching the good girl, huckle-chuckle lifestyle, best-buddies-bunny-teeth image for an all-time high, chortling, choking and bucktooth Miley.

Well you know what? If you allow your kids to deify a teenage superstar and allow her to assume your role model parenting patterns to follow, it's your own dumb fault. Little tots shouldn't be watching those kind of brain-diluting, vegetable-prone, and non ejucational shows anyhow. And if you allow them to believe the guile that movie stars are the best role models, you get no pity from me. After all, everyone knows Disney shows casting a happy-go lucky 10 yr old are targeted at 50 year old pedos, anyway.

Instead of letting your 52 inch LED TV mother your child, try the old fashion way of being there in the flesh and reinforcing great life skills...

Like how to get high from a 10 ft bong.

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