Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Single vs Coupled

Was I sleeping when dating paralleled happiness? Or became the pursuit of an enriched life? I have nothing against true love, for in many cases its like a cancerous tumor. You can't see it growing inside you til you're in the final stages of metastasis.

But what I am against, is people making the rest of us single people seem like were deficient, defective, or socially challenged because we're not coupled. I got news for you. This isn't the 19th century, and I'm not Jane Austen. Just because some of us decide we don't want to get tangled up in the messes of love doesn't mean we aren't capable of bliss.

Granted, doing your significant other's laundry, slaving in the kitchen and falling asleep to the lulling acoustics of his snoring and farting may be your idea of heaven, but spare me your ideals. It's bad enough growing up and being responsible for your own self to then rush in to more responsibility and babysitting an adult. I have enough self-worth and love in my life to have to egotistically date to fulfill a love void.

It's a free country- so if you want to babysit while your love is potato couch sitting, go ahead with your bad self. That's your idea of happiness. When I feel like limiting my liberty for the sake of amour.. I will do it. But don't hold your breath...


jad said...

Ah-hah! Another love skeptic... seems like most people these days rush into a relationship because of peer-pressure or because they're in love with being in love, rather than truly loving the person. Movies and TV don't help either (or Jane Austin!).

The world needs more skeptics - then it might have more true lovers.

-Josh Dillon
(Friend of Laura Moreno)

I like your personal art. Nice touch. Have you found a good drawing tool for your Android yet? I've been playing with the one from Autodesk for my sketches on my Motorola Droid and am really impressed. I tried the free express version first, then used the full-price version since I loved it so much (it was only like $1 or $2 - can't see the price anymore).

Link to Express:

Link to Full:

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Thank you very much, I enjoy sketching to emphasize my ideas. I don't consider myself skeptical, honestly, I just believe if you're not happy single you won't be happy married. simple. And I will check out that sketching app, I need one for my on the go brilliance ;) p.s...do I know you?

jad said...

Agreed. A more true statement has never been made: if you're not happy single you'll never be happy married.

Nope, never met you. A brother that I work with and go to meetings with, Harvey Castro, sent me a link to your blog saying that your related somehow and that I'd like your writing - so I added it to my Google Reader. Hope my comments don't bother you...I'm just a little more opinionated than I probably should be.


Nina "Ninfamous" said...

You wouldn't happen to have glasses and be german? ;) I don't mind at all, I actually enjoy reading feedback! :) Welcome to the tangles of my mind.

jad said...

How do you know that? Are you spying on me?!

jad said...

That looked like an angry post...forgot that I wasn't in a chat session :P

Please append a :) to the end of that last one...

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Heheh..you've forgotten me already. We had the most interesting chat once about the world cup...and germany.

jad said...
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