Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Dollar Mall .. The One Stop Shop!

Many of you are still broke and recuperating from Black Friday's ridiculous sales and are fearing the upcoming season of gifting. If you were smart and selfless, much of what you bought on Black Friday will be gifted to your friends, family and lesser-than-friendly co-workers. But we all know you bought that shiny new notebook and that sweet new 52" TV for none other than yourself.

So where are you going to buy all these other people gifts?

I'm an online shopper for many reasons- I hate long lines, being shoved around a store by crazy people, and hearing multiple wailing kids while their distracted mom decides between purple or lavender bath towels. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to wasting gas, and I refuse to pay 34.99 for a shirt that cost .75 cents to make. This is why I'm going to let you in on a little secret.. There's a fairy tale place online where you pay a fraction of what department stores charge you. Where no matter how much you purchase, your flat rate shipping cost is 4.99.
take me shopping!

And that place is none other than my favorite online store.. the 10 Dollar Mall!

Why should you shop at 10 Dollar Mall? Simple. They live by their name. Most of us aren't exactly rolling in the deep or the next Mark Zuckerberg.. so we shop at places where our dollar will stretch. At the same time, however, we want our clothes to be of good quality. Everything in the store is 10 dollars or less. You heard right.. 10 DOLLARS or less. Not 11.50, not 12.99, $10.00. Can the price get any better? Yes, actually, with sales every month and discounts to help you save some more.

The first time I purchased from them I was a little weary..until I opened the package. Every shirt was exactly what I imagined, and the sizes were true. I receive compliments on the clothes I purchase and everyone wants to know where I get my clothes! So why don't you head on over to 10 Dollar Mall.. and if you just purchase one item, like a jewelry set for your significant other, a super chic handbag for you daughter, or a nice shirt for yourself,  the shipping cost is $2.99.

But I'm a dude.. you may think. Congratulations on the Y chromosome. And also, 10 Dollar Mall has shirts, shoes and cologne for you, too. As well as a great selection for children's clothing, fragrances juniors, plus sizes and accessories.

AND... Because you're a loyal reader and I like you, here's a "thank you" from me to you. Nina has joined forces with 10 Dollar Mall to hook you guys up with an extra discount (as if 10 dollars wasn't already a great price ;) Use "ninaworld" as discount code on checkout for an extra 10% off!*

*If code doesn't work upon checkout, try again in 24 hours.

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Shiene143 said...

I love shopping and this idea is really cool. Sometimes many of us are don't have a time to go to the mall and shop there. Today's on-line shopping is the most in-demand to buy a things. Your post is really great and I am glad because I found it I will tell this information to my friends. Thanks and keep it up.^_^