Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Celebrating The Big "1"

Exactly a year ago, my passion for writing spilled over into blogging, and I (somewhat) formally began to organize ideas, rants and opinions into articles and posts. I was a lot more constant then than I was now, and for fear of churning out mediocre or repetitive posts, my sequence of blogging has constantly changed.

But after a year of tries and fails, I finally have 37 likes on facebook! I started a year ago at zero, then five months later at 13, and then stagnant at 21 for some time, and finally now inching close to 40.

What Have I Learned? 

You have to want to blog for the right reasons. And what are the right reasons? Well that depends on your values. For some, it's entertainment, a writing exercise, or simply to make extra cash. For me, it's to practice writing, have an outlet to the ideas that sometimes become constipated in my mind, and to entertain my readers. If you don't have the right reasons to motivate your writing, you'll be out of gas soon.

What's Next For Nina vs The World? 

I can't say I'm going to blog weekly because life takes unexpected turns. I don't get paid to blog, as I'm sure you figured out by now, and my life is usually pretty hectic from morning til midnight, so that time spared for blogging is limited. But I'm still going to stick around, because I spent too much time building up for this darn thing that I'm going to make sure I stick it out so that it fulfills its purpose in being anti climactic. I can promise you that.

As of now, I'm taking requests if you'd like to hear about a certain subject or topic, or if you'd like a snarky opinion. Thank you, if you've been here since day one, and thanks if you just joined. Stick around, and hopefully together we can find validation for the purpose of this blog. ;)

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