Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ninfamous vs Gas Prices

That's right, it's gripe hour.

The price at the pump today is even more painful than your average Miley Cyrus performance. Two years ago we were scared witless when the price hit $4.11. Now $4.11 is a great price to stumble upon, if you can find it.

I guess its come to that time when we have to get our lazy butts off the comfortable car seat and unto the narrow rubber triangle of a bike seat. China's been doing it since the wheel was invented! And look at their economy! Are they hurting? No. They practically sit their comfortable narrow butts on the comfort of the narrow bike seat and scoff at fat lazy Americans who can't go from their house to the mailbox without getting in their car. So apparently all these years the formula for a good economy is one we missed. The secret is not in the complicated language they use, or their space saving lifestyle. Not even their ridiculously easy way of making crappy bootleg technology that lasts a full week without dying. I have found that secret. Don't worry, of course I'll share it with you :

 Laziness= Bad Economy .

You with me? It gets better.

Bad Economy= High Gas Prices
High Gas Prices= Use Bikes
Bikes= Health and More Money
More Money= Mass Production of Industry
Mass Production of Industry= China
China= Bikes
Bikes=Good Economy

Yessir. So it's time to break out them two wheelz and peel out. After all, you'll only need to use them for two and a half days. Then, if you's been a good little chicken, it's rapture hour! :P

But riding a bike doesn't appeal to me. So I'm going to take advantage of the brute force in my pet maltese.

Maltese are known for their staunch strength in pulling heavy cargo.

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