Monday, May 16, 2011

James Tate FTW

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you must have heard by now of the uproar created by James Tate of Shelton High School. (Which just so happens to be very close to Ninfamous' quarters) The teenage boy/young man (manboy?) posted on the wall of his school during afterhours with the help of his friends, cardboard letters asking a girl out to prom.

The reaction to his novel approach? Suspension from school and being banned to go to the prom. The one social activity that means life, in a nutshell, and marks the beginnings of mostly every overly hormonal homo-sapien in high school.

The media had a field day and practically cornered the headmaster, whom looks like a mix between Janet Reno and Marcie from Charlie Brown. First she gave one press conference emphasizing her full right to make unpopular decisions and her complacency with being disliked by the crowds. Then she had to diplomatically eat those words and retract her extreme decision in a more irenic light. Fail, Marcie Reno. Fail.

James, on the other hand, couldn't have benefited more from this whole craze. Everyone and their mama wanted to support or interview him. He's gotten several FB pages in his names with hundreds of likes, nationwide support and now that the man-boy gets his party, all of a sudden the mass of die hard fans are getting sick of the thinly veiled 'Buy the t-shirts' gimmick the FB page is shoving down their throats.

Here's Nina's Opinion: The kid didn't commit a crime. If the school really thought it was that offensive, there could have been a more reasonable punishment than automatically suspending and banning them from prom. With so many violent school stories, the fact that this young boy thought of a cute, romantic-ish way of asking out a girl to prom is noteworthy. No one was insulted, no one was hurt, there was no damage done to the property or to anyone. Vandalism? Please. A lot of people spray paint to their hearts' content and most people don't even call that vandalism anymore. So let it go. Smack his wrist if you will, but let boy have his night of regret- er fun and games. Seriously, there are bigger fish to fry.

So the story has a happy ending. And James Tate has probably inspired hundreds of kids to try risky, new ways of asking out chicks to prom for a good fifteen minutes of fame.

In the words of Dj Ticoindamix, let's all party to the JamesTATE of Mind! Proof that if you whine loud enough and get the media involved, anything is possible.

Now Can I Haz More Page Likes PLZ!? Geez! What's a girl gotta do? Been bloggin' since October of last year and I'm at a disappointing 24 likes. Pathetic.

But it's not about me.. Its not about me.. Congrats, Tate, from an opinionated CT valley girl ;)

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