Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jim Carrey Video for Emma Stone

Have you guys checked this out yet? I finally discovered Twitter's usefulness. I cracked up when I watched this video by Jim Carrey, a love devotional soul baring moment when he confesses to Emma Stone how he's so madly in love with her.

And now they're calling him creepy and borderline pedo.. Isn't Emma Stone like 20 something? If she's old enough to play "Easy A" which is NOT an academics tutoring movie, she's not a little kid. And besides, its Jim Carrey, the guy who's role in life was to be the neurotic, slightly creepy oddball that makes us laugh with roles like the Count on A Series of Unfortunate Events and Ace Ventura, and even the Cable Guy. His creepy factor makes him a comedian.. remember Fire Marshall Bill?

Then again, it all goes back to how the media loves to make a big deal out of everything. The fact that Carrey is, however, 49 already, shatters my entire universe. That means he must be seeing his urologist pretty often and filling up his cabinets with rogaine. That's not how I want to picture The Mask.. Oh well.. its where we're all headed.

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