Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Overload of Self Help Ideas

When did everybody become the best philosopher? Where did all these cheesy one-liner life maxims and blocks of texts that direct you on how to live come from? I can't even sit down and eat an unhealthy plate of Chinese food without reading a quote that says something like, "Stop looking back, the future is forward" or some golden treasure like that.

And honestly, not only is it annoying and intrusive, but also contradictory. How many times have you heard, "Live life to the fullest!" and then, "Always save a little spontaneity for tomorrow." Or, "Follow your heart!" and then, "Your mind full of creativity and problem solving should govern the path you walk." "Plant goals and reach them!" and then, "Make life flexible enough to change your destination at will!" Quite honestly, it's an overload of self-help I wasn't really asking for in the beginning.

Granted, we all may have one or two truths we hold dear and apply to our daily lives- and that's fine! There are some universal realities that aren't going away, like treating others the way you'd like to be treated, or forgiving and forgetting. As for all those other colossal guides and blog posts about how to be successful in everything from archery to marketing, take them with a truckload of salt.


Well, because the reality is, at the end of the day, all those glorious philosophies are just one thing: Theories- garnished ideas that are based on inference and opinions. And trying to follow them all will make you crazy. Will you find success if you read every book on the topic? Maybe.. Taken you're still alive and sane. But you can also do some hands on experimenting and find out what works for you. So here's my self help tip: Stop trying to do what every self help tip tells you to. Just use your head, and work hard at what you want to achieve. That's a reality you can count on. Every moment counts when you're a mortal. And for the love of livers, stop playing Aristotle on your favorite social network.

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