Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heroes, Villains, and Vigilantes

There's a recurring theme in my classwork this semester that covers ground of whom we look up to, or down upon, for that matter, and whom takes up that middle chunk of not being wholly good or entirely bad, either.

Heroes- the selfless amazing individuals that are loving, self sacrificing, humble and also non existent.
Villains- the bad but irresistibly cool wardrobed person with bad habits and bad company.
Vigilante- the dude who thinks it's okay to kill 1,000 people, as long as you save that one bratty child with the dopey looking eyes.

Ahem.. so here's my $0.02. The vision people have of heroes have become so warped and the title used so liberally that everyone from Lady Gaga to your Mailman is in some form, a hero. And hey, we all want to aspire to be good people with good rapport, yes- I'm with you there.

But where do we draw the line, people?! If we keep this up, in five years the President and Congress will be considered heroes! I'm going to focus on heroes today, and I'll leave the other two for a later post. What qualities is a hero supposed to have anyway?

Well if we consider Optimus Prime, super awesome semi tractor trailer alien, to be a hero, then some of those qualities are 1)Metal Parts and B) Cool Painted Flames in extra-spectral colors. But if it's Lady Gaga on the Hero-Meter, then the qualities are #)Bad Make-up and H) Ridonkulous Wardrobe.

Lots of things are wrong with the world today, but one of the major flaws in whom society looks up to as role models or Heroes. I'm sorry, but unless you've died for giving up your life in exchange of saving someone(s) else's, or come close to it, you're not a hero in my book. Unless your whole life is characterized by being selfless, standing up for your beliefs no matter what, and giving on several levels and you always act in the interests of what's ethically and morally right, you're not a hero. You're also not a hero for broadcasting worldwide that you went on a kid shopping spree and picked up international relatives.

So I guess that means no one now living on the face of this earth fits that category. Oh well, I guess we can just eliminate using that word and replace it with "People Who Did Some Random Good Deed and Got Way Too Much Attention For It".

If I were a superhero, however, I'd make sure it was for a great cause with awesome wardrobe. See Figure 1A.
Spell Check vs Miz Spell

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