Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have you heard.. of the UN's scandal?

As if people didn't believe the UN was capable of keeping peace, and if as if relations weren't already tender between the UN and Haiti, a floating video on the internet is now creating another ripple of scandals and humiliation for the so-called peacekeepers. Haiti already had reason to be upset at the UN, taken that thanks to their blue helmets, a deadly cholera outbreak killed nearly 6,000 and infected 300,000 earlier this year. You can read about it here.

So a viral video of several UN officers attempting to rape a young Haitian man as a "joke" was enough to make the water boil again. Apparently, the young man was taken into the barracks, pinned down on a mattress and embarrassed publicly as they made him a laughingstock before several officers while it was also being recorded into a cellphone.

The video was then taken from a cellphone of an officer by two Haitian kids who then sold it to the News Press. It is unclear whether the 19 year old man was raped or not, but it is enough to feel disgust in a nature of a joke in such bad taste. UN officials are doing their best to play down the embarrassment, calling it a simple joke that got out of hand. As the least of their offenses, the officials will be charged for entering a civilian into their barracks, but the punishment can only worsen from there. Haitian President Michael Martelly has affirmed the acts will not go unpunished. More Info Here

This leads me to an intriguing question- What purpose does the UN serve, exactly? What major development towards peace can be attributed to them? During the atrocious and horrifying genocide in Rwanda, they watched helplessly as millions of hutus and tutsis literally massacred each other leaving behind heaps of dismembered dead bodies. They were responsible for the death of thousands for carelessly spreading around a deadly virus. And today they are morally responsible for being reproachable in moral, ethical conduct. My point stands valid: No human organization is capable of even gaining trust among the people, much less providing "peace."

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