Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On Choosing A Career..

It was three months ago as I sat preparing marketing content, researching the oil industry and finding innovative new ways to convince people natural gas is better, that I came along a quantum revelation. Of the personal kind. And in my life, which has proven to be anti-climactic since day one, quantum revelations don't come along as often as they should. But I finally realized what it takes other people years to find out: What I wanted to do as a career. Yes, I've always had a knack for writing, and I'm very people-oriented.

It's the reason why (all modesty aside) the Design Print Ship center I worked at for Office Depot was number one in the district for customer service time and again. I helped customers who were stumped create attractive, yet simple business cards. I learn a thing or two about Photoshop. I even learned how to put up with prissy people that only wanted someone to argue with. And with those life lessons in my pocket, I feel inclined to say, I still like working with/for people. I guess its that satisfaction that comes from doing something they never thought was possible, or enlightening them in a refreshing way- and all of a sudden they look up to you like their business savior. Its not a bad feeling- to say the least. And after getting repeat customers that asked for me by name, I realized I hit my groove. But that was over two years ago. As awesome as helping people to print 5000 copies of a lawsuit is, I felt I had bigger fish to fry. And so came the revelation that I finally had found an outlet to creative thinking, writing, and social problem solving.


Marketing? You may say. Aren't there like 50,000 business for marketing in New England alone? Yes, most likely. But there's something about my business that     separates    me from the crowd.

That I still have the same eager attitude to help as I did when I was that 17 year old cashier working in the DPS section of Office Depot. With a little more expertise and experience, and a continuous desire for creativity and innovation. I also specialize in editing, proofing, and content development.

So my piece of advice to everyone else is: If you really want to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, find that one thing that makes you feel happy and satisfied, like your potential is being reached and like you're actually contributing to something special in a small way. Whether that's being a make-up artist, or a wedding DJ, or a Florist, do what completes you, because that's what makes you shine in your own light.

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