Friday, January 21, 2011

Lady Faller In Fountain Water

Hello folks! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday, whether buried in snow, or trying to look busy at work. For those of you that missed it, look no further. Remember when I said texting would destroy us? Yeah. This took my idea to a literal level. And a hilarious one at that. Okay, without further ado.. I present.. Fountain Lady!
Best part? She springs out of that fountain like nothing happens and walks away. Then she tries to blame the mall people. I mean for reals lady. Be happy you were in a mall and not on a New York street. We wouldn't be laughing at the end of this video, and there would be a lot more to clean up than just a puddle. ;)
I'm sure of two things: 1) This isn't the end of Fountain Lady. She'll probably be milking her 15 minutes of fame and adding injuries to her list of punitive damages, and 2) I hope your friend is willing to spoon over money for a new phone. 

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