Sunday, January 23, 2011

The School Board Strikes Again!

Life isn't easy without ejucation. And ejucation don't come by cheap with the School Board of Failures.

This semester my hopes of taking more independant full credit classes were whacked right upside the head like an arcade mole.

"IDP Science you say?" Repeated the older gentleman in charge of assigning classes. "Yes, we don't have that class anymore. School board limited our budget."

I almost felt like stomping out of there. But alas, life is even more grief laden for the non-diploma'd person. So I sucked in my disappointment and uttered a "wonderful!"

Why is this upsetting? Because instead of graduating faster and doubling up on credits- my hard work and straight A's are rewarded by limiting my choice in classes to take. This semester I took even more classes than the last, a total nine in four days, and will have the same amount of credits as last year.

Was it that necessary to cut down on the budget for more classes? Granted, more teachers means more money to dish out. But we're talking four months and a couple weeks employment, and once a week, two classes at most for these teachers. Its night school, not college! How about cutting down the budget on the board's vacations and payrolls, or chopping the budget on a whole bunch of other useless things. So much for Pell Grants when we can't even receive a well-rounded education- or be even slightly enthused in the choices we can make. If and when we make it to college, we'll be so unprepared and behind the times that frustration may lead many to quit. This semester I got to choose between Computer Applications 1 or Computer Applications 2.

I think I know the difference between my mouse and my keyboard. How bout deleting useless classes and giving these kids, and not-so-kids, along with older parents who are coming back from all walks of life an opportunity to truly learn?

Epic fail, school board. And then we wonder why people think of America as the Ignoramoose Land.

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