Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trampolines: Illustration of Human Ingenuity

You'd think clip after clip on America's Funniest Videos of idiots jumping on huge trampolines would be enough to discourage anyone to just quit altogether. Nothing good ever comes out of it. 

The best part is when someone attempts to jump near sharp objects, sheds, fences, or while riding a bike. 

But, idiots are a dime a hundred these days, and trampolines illustrate just how far human ingenuity has come. Check out what makes this near 1,000,000 hit video on Youtube a Trampo Fail. Like for reals dude. No two sports should be tried in combination on the world's deadliest spring machine!! And I think its time you re-evaluated your friends. 



Nick said...

That's why I threw my $600 trampoline out

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Yikes. I'm sure you could have sold it to the next shmuck for $800 :)