Monday, April 16, 2012

Forget the Vultures

Stay with me.. this is not a mindless rant, at least in my opinion. (Which if you have read the title of this blog, you should have some indication as to how big it can be.) Hey, Nina's Big Opinions should have been the name of this blog! Oh well, too late for re-branding. We all know great that can turn out, don't we, Kraft?

Anyway, the title of today's blog is forget the vultures. I'm not referring to the bald and quite unhygienic animal itself, but of people whom demonstrate the qualities of a vulture. How? And why should you forget them? I thought you'd never ask.. ;-)

Who hasn't made a mistake in their life? Who hasn't done or said, or thought, or executed, or felt a certain way or a certain thing, that left ripples of regret and hurt memories? If you're breathing this very moment, you're pre-certified for a platinum high interest credit card of forgiveness. But you know what? It's what we do with the rest of our life that defines who we are. So why are there bitter people whom scornfully and shamelessly glare at your path in life and then swoop down and try to eat you while you're still alive?

If there's one thing vultures don't have, it's compassion. (They also don't have good taste in take-out, but that's a whole other limping rabbit). And human vultures are the same. Standing tall and glorious on their platform of sheer hubris, they eat and prey on the weak and not-so-weak. They spend their time proving to others how much more awesome they are. They inflate their standard qualities and play down and disguise or even justify their ugly faults. They pick and peck at old bones with pieces of rotting old meat. They never let things go. They don't move on.

My advice to you? Forget the vultures. How? Don't fall to their level. They only play a mind game of control to appear to be "on top" of everyone else. Let them fool themselves into thinking they're better. Stay focused on your goals and your direction. At the end of the day, they are bald, ugly, lonely scavengers that eat leftovers on dead and sick animals that others have killed. I'll take my chances on the ground. That way, if I ever fall, I won't plummet to sure death.

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