Monday, November 18, 2013

On past, present and future

"Accept what is

let go of what was

and have faith in what will be.." (Anonymous)

        You know, I don't normally share these kind of maxims here and there, because I think most of them are cheesy. In my opinion, they are created to be generic sugar-truths to make people feel better about embarrassing pasts. (Yes, we know what you did last summer..) But in all sincerity, I really liked this little nugget of realization/coping mechanism that someone passed on to me after hearing of a rough day I went through.
        I'd like to add to this maxim though. Accepting, letting go, and having faith are all good pointers, but too vague. Accepting what? The things we can't change? Letting go of what was.. well, that's pretty straightforward. But having faith.. well, in what? For how long? In reality I truly believe you need to take a slightly more proactive look at life. As an intuitive feeler/thinker, I can get lost in my own maze of thoughts and wonder about my future. It really is the only thing that helps unravel the mess of frustration I find myself in when things aren't going my way. I constantly have to ask myself, where am I going with this? Why is it worth the effort? And well, having faith in that my path is going to lead to the goals I set for myself in the future.
      In reality the biggest hurdle we face when it comes to goals is our present life. Because goals require focus, and distraction is everywhere, it is a constant challenge to stay on the rails and beam the headlights in the right direction; forward. When distractions inevitably do happen however, it's only a short while before frustration and confusion abound, claiming center stage. And when that happens.. well. You do what I do.
      Take a step back, and sit down in a quiet corner. Think of where you want to be and how to (realistically) get there. Speak to encouraging people who will motivate you and direct you in the right path, keeping you steered. Do your research. And set a date. Without a date, goals are only dreams. And with a date you can constantly say to yourself when you feel overwhelmed, this is only until _______. Only _____ more days.
      And that my friends, is how I plan to be in another part of the world at a certain point in the future..

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