Tuesday, June 17, 2014

World Cup Madness

Every four years, the world stops for me. Well, in actuality, I just stop caring about the triviality of day to day even less than I usually do, and focus my attention and energy on the international, thrilling, unpredictable World Cup Games.

Brazil 2014 has already given us some major surprises, which is in part why I love soccer so much. You can have the world's most renowned players, experience by the boatloads, but that does not guarantee you a win. Spain, World Cup 2010's winners, were witness to this as they were pelted 5-1 in their first match against the Netherlands.

Yours truly was never expecting the upset between Uruguay and Costa Rica, the latter beating long-time South American favorite in a 3-1 final score. Yet, with two goals scored in four minutes, it was clear who was going home the winner that night.

Portugal stood defeated and awe-struck in a national spanking of 4-0 against Germany. Even US, against rival Ghana, waged an intense battle on the field that eventually led to their 2-1 victory.

This World Cup will definitely continue delivering more surprises, all the more reason to watch the games. And if you aren't a soccer fan, I promise you will catch a little World Cup madness too if you watch the intensity of this year's matches.

As always, I am loyal to my favorite team, Germany, whom so far hasn't let me down. And I will gladly watch some of the underdogs, such as Costa Rica.

Who are your favorite teams? Who do you think will go far? Will be a huge disappointment?


kh76sp said...

Germany did not disappoint yesterday! Unless you live in Framingham...

Nina Torres said...

@kh76sp You're absolutely right! Their relentless onslaught made me feel a little bad for Brazil..