Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Voice of Nina

Another year, another venture.

That's right! Yours truly is slowly making her way in the freelance world. It feels great to be the master of my own schedule again- to stroll supermarkets at 11 AM while simultaneously meditating in peace and quiet, to read an entire book cover to cover comfortably -enjoying a remote lake location at an hour most are chugging away in the afternoon grind-, to almost begin to forget what a traffic jam feels like, and alas- perhaps God's best gift to freelancers- visiting the gym during quiet hours- and having the wonderful pleasure of choosing a row of empty elliptical machines.

But enough about the best life ever. Let me tell you a little bit about my newest offering. It's really not all that new- but I have decided recently to take promotion matters into my own hands and put my services on the market- as a voice talent.

As a kid, I always imitated the voice of telemarketers, commercials for corporations, and even telenovela ads. I realized only later in life that some people would actually be willing to pay for me to speak their message. And that leads me to... drumroll......

As an impersonator, linguist and full time goof ball, I've learned to master different styles and tones in both Spanish and English. Today that offers me the ability to speak both with a neutral, undetectable accent and varying ranges from enthusiastic and confident to smooth and solemn.

Every year brings new challenges and more opportunities, and 2015 is not different by any means. 

This year is going to be the Voice of Nina! (not to be confused with the voice of reason..)

For inquiries and quotes, please email me at

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