Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ohmagerd, Nina's getting old

I never thought I'd see the day where a teenager would correct my modern lingo.

Granted, I've never been one of the prominent cool kids, (saying words like prominent may not have helped either) but I held my own among the community. I certainly wasn't the one responsible enough to be in charge in a group, and as the youngest sibling I remember the time when adults would sigh and say, "You have so much to learn."

Then something happened to me in the last four years. What exactly was it? Avoiding loud parties, preferring a Friday night in bed watching Netflix versus dancing til dawn is a side effect for sure, but what's the underlying cause? What do people call it these days?

Oh that's right.. Getting old.

As I type those last words, I realize in a way, everyone alive is getting old, so I'm perfectly normal. In fact, maybe even blessed, as some people don't live long enough to age.

Still, when you reference a movie or a song and your audience looks up at you, angling their head sideways, giving you a blank stare ("wuuh--?") you know you're there. You have officially arrived to Oldtown Funk. Grab yourself a wheelchair, it's downhill from here.

There was a time when I knew every hot social media network and had my cards spread equally among all of them. There was a time I spent more time visualizing the wardrobe of an entire month than folding washed clothes. Do I miss it?

Well, not really. I've always been one to enjoy the phase of life in which I'm in. I lived the school years, I struggled through the high school years, I went off the handles in the early 20s, and now in my mid 20s, I'm correcting the wrong turns I made, specifically financially.

I iz old
But despite the fact I'm losing touch with what's modern and current, I don't have to lose my edge. Being independent and responsible is the new "cool". Travelling the world, having your own identity, choosing where you live and how you live is something that comes only with adulthood.

And it wasn't all sunshine and roses back then, either.. I also remember the loads of embarrassing things I said and did at the height of my self-proclaimed "coolness". And lucky for me, there was no Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter growing up. Life is an inevitable cycle. Ten years from now, the pipsqueaks making me feel ancient will have their chance to look through years of embarrassing footage as they "facepalm" and "I can't even" on their way to Oldtown Funk.

SO you know what, little squirts? I will age with dignity, having the freedom you can only dream of now. You keep asking your parents to drop you off at the movies and lend you money, feeling like you're on top of the world until your $20 dries up.

Oh and one more thing kiddies... nothing on the internet is ever completely deleted.. ;-)


Jess P said...

I constantly have the teeny boppers schooling me on the new lingo. My response to them: #idontcare #mylifeisfleek

Nina Torres said...

hahaha that's what's up!

Cathy said...

Another great blog entry! Looking forward to the travelog...

Sara Molina said...

So true! Just trying to keep up with the he ever changing lingo is exhausting. Where as normal, every day, proper English words will never cease to exist or be understood.

harada57 said...
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