Friday, July 22, 2016

2 Months to Mayhem

When I think of September 23rd, 2016.. a wave of emotions sweep over me. Excitement, anxiety, fear of unknowns, and love all overwhelm me simultaneously.

And it's no wonder why- that day will mark my future for the rest of time. I leave behind my single life, my single goals, and enter a long lasting, permanent relationship with my one true love.

Planning this day has been stressful, frustrating, enjoyable, rewarding, and surreal. And yes, something can be both enjoyable and stressful. Remember when I ranted about big weddings and my opposition to pompous celebrations? I stand by that. Thanks to keeping my event simple and classic, with the help of a ton of friends, my stress levels have virtually disappeared. Every week I accomplish two or three things, and prepare for the week ahead.

If it wasn't for my amazing supportive friends, I'm not sure how I would have handled this entire journey on my own. Of course, I have the unending support of my fiance, but with his address being in another continent, the bulk of the legwork has to be done in the place where I live. Nonetheless, I've seen how through the months little details have begun to come together.

My invitations go out this week and the next, a labor of love.. And soon I will start finalizing accommodations for our friends and family travelling from afar to attend our wedding.

And once mid September rolls around, it will be a blur of craziness I look forward to with pleasure.


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I'm truly happy for you dear sister , I've enjoyed following you via IG ,since the single days, I can't wait to meet you in person one day soon.

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