Monday, October 11, 2010

Txtng has dstryd us!

I used to be able to type messages rather fluently. In fact, once upon an aeon, my friends used to call me Grammar Police. So why is it that now I can't resist abbreviating and re-abbreviating my text messages?

Text message language is just another world on its own. B3fo43 !+ \/\/@$ +@|_|< !|\|5 like this. Now its even more annoying and less legible.

"Hey! Hru, btw, lmk f u wanna hang 2nite.. Idk f Jen wil go, changbtm (call her and get back to me). tkcr c U sn"

The purpose of messages is to shorten the amount of time used to communicate. And instead, it has shortened communication and multiplied the amount of time it takes to comprehend the dialect.

And when did bestie become a term? I'm not even drinking age and I don't remember when it became hip to use bestie. Then again, to use hip hasn't been hip since hip became the body part. :/

How many other terms and abbreviations can you guys think of? I'm thinking of creating a Texting Terminology Glossary :P It may help the outdated like me and frustrated parents who read their kid's txt msgs while the world is sleeping..


DJ Tico said...

I rly njoyd yer blog

Jessica said...

I'm surprised you have time for

Ninfamous said...

There's always time for insanity! Thanks for your support :)