Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo No-Nos

Since the era of everything digital, picture taking and sharing became a hobby, a passion, and now, every day life. It's no mystery who's at the top of the social network food chain, destroying lives and privacy and making others cyber famous. But when something becomes widely spread and accesible and fairly unlimited and unrestricted, you have to wonder what the cost will be- both short-term and long-term. 

Well, there's the obvious issues-(i.e. hackers, identity theft, loss of privacy,) which have been covered thoroughly. But let's look at the here and now. Should you really be posting every picture you take? There are pieces of wisdom that are always good to remember: Nothing on the internet is ever truly deleted. That's right, that odd album you had with your crazy ex and his family is still swinging in cyberspace somewheres. Nothing is ever completely private (bugs and kinks in the system do happen). So one day, you may log in and very well see someone else's account. Now what? And of course, there's the personal worth issues.
  • No, we don't want to see your bathroom pictures. Bathrooms are for pooping, peeing, washing and bathing. They are not supposed to be the backdrop to all your digital glory. And if you do decide to take a picture where you usually take a dump, make sure there aren't any accesories in the background that can label you for life.
  • 4234 angles of your face. This is especially suited for you tween and teenage dimboppers who are attention-happy (for lack of a worse word) zombies. We understand you want the world to take in your pimpled beauty and Crisco face. I get it, it only happens once. But let's try to limit it to 10 pictures instead of 28302 with stupid irrelevant and obvious captions like, "This is Me" "jUstT mE!" "me AgAin!" Save yourself and the world some heartache, cuz boy when you grow up, Peter Puberty, you're gonna want to delete yourself from the physical realm.
  • Aww, you two are so cute! NOT. So you found someone in this world with surprisingly lower self esteem than you. Two idiots + camera is not the most favorable equation. I'm not sure how to put it clearer: You're confusing me with someone who cares. Again, I get it.. its a beautiful thing to be in lust. But save your urges of sharing it with the rest of us, because frankly, you're getting on everyone's nerves.
This is why we, the older generations, have a One-Up in today's society. Yea, we all took dorky videos and pictures, but they were safeguarded in mom's album where only family and close friends got to courteously giggle and make a generous comment, like, "My, isn't Prissy growing up!" while you turned all colors of the rainbow. 

Now with the ability of right click and save, your horrid snapshots are floating in the universe, available to the point and laugh of anyone. Be careful, or you may just see your face wind up in the next party on a slideshow of epic fails :)

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