Thursday, December 2, 2010

I just found a retard in Idiot City!

Yoville. Farmville. Fishville. Restaurant City. Toilet Town. Idiot City. Population: YOU.
They're facebook games, they're newsfeed spam, they're horror disguised in inoccent wrapping paper. They're goshdarn annoying!!
Seriously. If you find it a pressing matter to tell your friends how many levels you've advanced in retrograding your IQ, something's wrong with you. No phrase can make such resonating universal sense than "Get a Life" , and one outside your cyber realm. Besides these games taking your privacy away, they get a double reward- your brain and dignity tag along, too.
Why wasting precious time on crops you can't eat and animals you can't interact with be so appealing to millions baffles me. Whatever happened to real games? Games made from cardboard, stimulating puzzles, riddles, and the like? What happened to real conversation? Not just.. "Please accept my freshly picked carrots!" I mean Really. How accomplished can you really feel from tending a garden you can't even touch? Why not try the real thing? No time? Why not add up the time you spend watering crops?
Don't be a fail. Don't clutter my News Feed; because quite frankly, no one CARES if you "baked" a "scrumptious" cake on Restaurant City.

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Ingie said...

ROFLOL hahahahaha...If you hear closely....I think you can hear people with pitchforks and they seem mad!!!

I am gonna be blunt I have Facebook mostly to play games. Its fun. You are at work and you are bored or even so busy you need a break. The games in FB are more just to pass the time. I had Farmville, and I got bored so now I am playing Tetris. I think 90% play these silly games, because its the only thing that is stopping them from ripping their hair at work! Thankfully I still have my hair on! THANK YOU TETRIS! You saved my hair! hahahhaa