Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ninfamous vs Royal Wedding

Weddings happen every day, all the time. You want to see a poofy white dress and a white couple getting saying "I do" to life long misery? Just set up camp on a fancy golf club parking lot and you'll see your share of epic bonds of seasonal unions.

So all of a sudden the groom is a blue fancy jacket sash wearing noble and everyone has to know about it? Seriously. WHO CARES?!  It sickens me that this ridiculous pompous wedding gets more coverage than the tragedy that Japan is going through. I get it, people are sick of hearing bad news. But really- there are better ways to waste broadcast prime time than by filling every minute with white tulle and bright pearls.

Everyone knows British Royalty is like latin. Fru fru, hard to understand, and dead. British royals have no power, virtually no say in the government, and carry on a bunch of pompous ceremonies to entertain the peasants while making ungodly amounts of moolah. Entertaining? I think not. Educational? As much as Snooki's ridonkulous antics are.

I think I'm just going to have crawl into a cave for the next two months and wait for this Osama-Middleton-Sheen drama to die off.

It's gonna be crammed up in hurr..


jad said...

I've decided to turn to Animal Planet for all my news from now on...

jad said...

That link if you need it is here: