Monday, October 18, 2010

Prancing with the Injured

Okay, so we all know celebrities are not amongst society's fanciest and respectable group of people. But when it comes to broadcasting your humiliation nationwide, the Spanish version of "Dancing with the stars" known as "Mira Quien Baila! (Look who's dancing)" takes the cake. 
Overrated news anchors, B-list soap opera daytime Emmy winners, and long non-heard of fading singers are all cast on a dance floor in front of a camera and told to get jiggy with it. But oh, the drama! Front and center are the accidents. Last night, Jon Secada flopped on his knee, during his visually painful performance, after failing to catch his partner, and immediately formed a riot as he bawled and winced on all fours like an abandoned puppy. And instead of calling it a day, he was ushered out AGAIN to do some awkward robot-duck-bread-making routine to David Bisbal's Buleria. 
Niurka Marcos, however, didn't even show up after last week's knee injury to add to the caked up faked out show. Its sad to say that Dancing with the Stars is a much better show, and the featured celebrities normally come from countries where multi-cultural dancing is not taught from the womb. So why are these so called Hispanics making the rest of us look so horribly bad? They should spend less time paying plastic surgeons to fix their droops and tighten their sloops and more time learning how to tango.
I weep for the future of television..

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