Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Father, I have spinned- Darn auto correct!

Are you tired of driving to church on Sundays just so you can tell the priest you've been getting jiggy lately? 

Are you done with having to write your sins down, or trying to keep them under five per week so you can remember them? 

Well transgress no more. 
Apple now offers a new Catholic app.. CONFESSION! For a reasonable price now all you have to do is type your shortcomings and scantiness on the privacy of your Iphone. No face to face embarrassment, no wasted gas, and the same equal pardon opportunity- whether you cursed or poisoned your mother in law. You can read about it here.
What other apps will the Catholic church profit- er I mean, take use of? 

Presenting the new.. IBaptized App!
With this fancy application, you recite your creeds and knowledge, press a button, and use the phone's squirt power to commence your solid relationship with the Higher One.
For a one time price of $9.99, now you too can become one with the Holy Spirit!

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