Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ninfamous vs People with Privacy Concerns

Lately everyone and their grandma is in uproar about the privacy of smart phones and the risk of their privacy being well, not so private. I mean, how can it be that a phone that is pretty much a computer and tells them where the closest Mickey Dees is can also track where they go every day? Gasp!
Come on people. At least try using that atrocious thing on your shoulders for more than just wearing ridiculous oversized baseball caps. If a phone has GPS capability, which nowadays, most do, Iphone or not, don't you think other people can access that GPS remotely? After all, GPS does stand for Global Positioning System. If we have the capability of tracking a satellite outside the earth and take 10 megapixel pictures of a grain of rice in Japan, do you really think it's that difficult to tap your run of the mill soccer mom's Ifake clustered with hundreds of pictures of her dirt stricken kids? Or monitor the stores your teenage drama queen frequents?
I said it before. I'll say it again. You can laugh, you can scoff, and you can sneer, but I'm warning you, Technology is our demise. There's always a price to pay when you want to search the surrounding five miles for the cheapest gas, when you want that app that displays the best coupons for your area, when you need directions from your house to your mother in law's and your kid's schools. The price of the convenience of a GPS? Dishing out your exact location to the masses for a higher degree of comfort.
So that leads me to the topic. If you have issues with the possibility of a stranger stalking your kids or yourself and whacking you senseless in a dark, desolate parking lot, then consider becoming amish. See figure 1A.
That's right, that also means you have to relinquish computer usage, modern day digital cameras, cellphones, facebook, and even some public restrooms.
Yes, that's right, I said it. Facebook.Who would have thought five years ago it would be so easy to gain millions of mindless peoples addresses, phone numbers and personal information? For free? And the best part..with consent? Were talking hacker/stalker heaven here. All for a piece of face cake glory. All so you can water your stupid crops. All so you can try to hook up with that old flame in High School that always thought you were ugly to begin with. You know what I say? Well deserved. Why guard your SS# with your life or shred important documents and keep your birthday or address private when you're forking it over for free over at Mafia Wars? Welcome to the 21st century of geniuses,  when security measures perfected for decades became useless at the rise of facebook apps and careless GPS usage. And for the last time, no I will not help you plant your flippin seeds.
Figure 1 A- Amish Lifestyle reduces privacy risks. And apparently, Amish cows levitate. 

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