Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Man.. I feel so unprepared! I haven't even bought out half of Lowe's and Home Depot, or jam packed my house in every corner with canned goods..

What is that you say? I'll be rapturized? No need to pack my clothes? Not even my cute flower printed sandal wedges?

Hmm.. Are there going to be snacks on the flight?

Okay. Enough ridiculousity. Apparently, we all fell asleep and missed the calling- Judgement Day is May 21st? That's like 10 days away! I won't get to see Oprah's last show, or who gets crowned queen of beauty on Nuestra Belleza Latina.. or worst.. I won't get to enjoy my first legit drink at 21?!

That's right folks.. The end of the world jumped up again from December 21, 2012 to May 21, 2011. Everything I put off to do in my life must be crammed in ten flipping days, from dropping those 10 lbs, reading Shakespeare and bike ride to Australia. Looks like I've got a lot of fessin' up to do for the next ten days, too.

Oh well. I heard they've got wicked awesome bands in the heavens above.

So at this point, ye heathens, there's nothing much else you can do except pray like there's no tomorrow. Because pretty soon, there won't be. :P


Ingie said...


I guess I am going to be to late to see you. I am going to have to cancel my trip. So much things I want to do. I want to Pee in a fountain.....I want to steal a pen...I want to walk around in my house in my underwear without worrying that my dog is looking at me....I need to make a bucket list. First off steal a pen so i can make a bucket list!!!

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

My dear Ingie..

We will be together again in angelic heavenly tufts of rawesome clouds.
Number 10 on my to do list! Go streaking at Stop n Shop.. with my clothes on!!! Woot..