Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All For World Peace, unless..

Music, movies, children's books, songs, politicians, beauty pageant contestants, media, news, etc- they all hint at directly or indirectly the need for peace, and for everyone to work together. Ah, how nice would it be. A utopian society where everyone respects each other and no one fears their neighbor. 

What? You say I have to give up certain preferences? Huh? I have to be humble and accept other viewpoints? You're joking right? I much rather sit here in my warm fur coat, slip on my blood diamonds, snuggle my toes in slave labor slippers, and yell the living daylights out at my neighbor for allowing his obnoxious three year old to laugh. 

Perhaps you have noticed this as well. It's amazing that everyone desires in some aspect or form to live in a peaceful world, but as soon as you mention that means changing your lifestyle or attitude, they point the nearest sharp object in your direction. Because of course, they want peace in their way, by their standards, and in their time. 

Ever heard the saying, "You can't please everyone?" Well, when it comes to figuring out how to delegate tasks and solve world problems, it gets murkier. You can't please anyone. Everyone has their own agenda, and even if they agree on the same goal, their means of getting there are night and day. Some suggest peace can only come of war. Yet others admit war only promotes violence, hatred, aggression and more war. 

You don't have to go very far, in fact. People aren't even willing to yield to another car on the road or let someone cut in front of them in a line without having three cows- much less concede that although they're right, they'll be willing to give in for the sake of peace. And yet they clamor for positive change. How ironic. 

Humanity goes to great lengths to use their resources for relative peace-keeping measures, yet they are waiting for the moment someone slights them or makes fun of something so trivial as their favorite football team to be all blood and gore. 

And that's precisely why men will never accomplish world peace. If you can't get two people to agree on a subject as basic as lying, you will never overcome the bigger fish to fry. 

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