Thursday, October 31, 2013

3 Year Anniversary

In case the subtle pictures above didn't get the point across..

I am celebrating my three year blogging anniversary!! Yay!

That's right. My blog has now been alive and kicking longer than most celebrity marriages. It has survived Hurricane Sandy, the Faux Rapture, The End of the World, the controversial "death" of Osama the death of Gaddhafi, a couple bad haircuts, and even the Government Shutdown. So I guess I'm here to stay. Until I am kicked off the internet or come down with a new strand of swine flu. For the last time, GET THAT FLU SHOT AWAY FROM ME!

Anywho. I guess its the time of year to get reflective on the past and prance on the soapbox about how my life has been a voyage and how much I've grown, and blah blah blah.. But really I don't want to do that this year.

I just want to say THANKS. I don't make money from this little blog here, but I get a lot of great feedback from friends and strangers. As an extrovert that places high value on communication and relationships, that's worth more than the occasional buck.

My life is pretty funny sometimes. I work in an office where the general hiring age is 35-75. Being 22 and impossibly snarky, I often feel like I live in a world full of memes. I volunteer a minimum of 70 hours a month to the community. And I also love spending time with my wonderful friends. Yet regardless of how busy life is, I am always drawn back to my little corner on the web where I can say deep things, ridiculous things, remotely humorous things and eventually get a bone here and there.

So thanks for coming back and reading my insanity. Disclaimer: It's probably making you crazier too. But stick with me, and I promise I will always provide you with material to enjoy while you are supposed to be working. (It's okay.. I won't rat you out)

As a token of my appreciation, for my first four readers I am giving out a $5 Starbucks gift card. Here's how you can get your hands on some nice java, compliments of yours truly.

1) Follow me on twitter.. nin_famous
2) Like me on facebook. (links are on the right side of my site)
3) Choose your favorite blog post I've written and link to it in your tweet as well as share it on your wall.
4) Mention me!
5) Leave a comment on this post after you did all of the above.

And finally.. wait for awesomeness to be poured into your cup.

Now back to work.

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Jess P said...

I followed directions :)