Monday, January 10, 2011

Botulism is for the Brainless

So you never want to get old. Who wants old saggy skin and raisin wrinkles atop your wrinkles? You're right. Nobody does. But you know what? I'd take raisin face over dead face any day of the week. Because if there's a possibility that the injection I'm about to receive is going to slowly shut down my vital organs- I'll pass.
So why are botulism injections more and more popular? 
""BOTOX® is short for "botulinum toxin," the substance that causes botulism, a sometimes fatal form of food poisoning. It sounds scarier than it is; in small quantities, BOTOX® merely interrupts nerve impulses to muscles in the face. The lines that furrow the forehead when you raise your eyebrows, the crow's feet that appear when you squint and the creases between the eyebrows when you frown are all caused by tension in underlying muscles, which contract and squeeze the skin like an accordion. BOTOX® keeps this from happening.
Fortunately, BOTOX® is so diluted that serious side effects like allergic reactions are rare. If the doctor slips, in most cases the worst that can happen is that you will lose the ability to raise your eyelids all the way; or, if you're getting shots around the mouth, a mistake could leave you drooling. But even a perfectly executed procedure has consequences. Depending on which wrinkles you go after, you might not be able to frown or raise your eyebrows or squint." By MICHAEL D. LEMONICK -Monday, Apr. 29, 2002 (Italics & Bold Ours)
I love how this Michael person downplays the seriousness of having a toxin inserted in your body. This article, mind you, is more than 8 years old. Just because it was FDA approved doesn't mean its good for you. And its scary how when you google "Botox Cons" you have to search hi and low to find another article besides Mr. Lemonicks, who's neither a doctor, nor has made an updated article available.
All the celebrities are doing it! So why shouldn't we?! And then again, a lot of celebrities have also committed suicide. There's no need to discuss why we shouldn't base our life altering decisions on the whims of the rich and famous.
Don't be fooled, chances are, you can die. And it has happened- the toxin begins shutting down your organs one by one until you're just a pretty little porcelain cadaver. Is it really worth it? That depends how important your life is to you, of course. But I rather live long and age gracefully, proud of my real face, one I can move and use in all its dexterity, versus having a fish face (at best) or croak before my time. 

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